4 Easy Steps to feel better about life !


Here are 4 really easy steps we can implement to get things moving in the right direction so that we can start feeling better about life immediately!

These 4 steps relate to my post entitled ‘blackbirds singing‘.



  1. Meditation:  the thing about meditation that I somehow never quite got – even years ago whilst staying in an Indian Ashram and meditating twice a day – is that through meditation; you begin to notice the synchronicities.  Messages will come to you.  Connect to your intuition.  Ask your guidance –  “what am I being nudged to do in my life right now?”.  Then  listen for the answers that come through to you from the universe in the days and weeks that follow.
  2. “Heart list”:  Create a list of at least 20 things that you love to do.  Put it on your wall – and DO them already !  When we do things that we love; we feel in the flow.  We feel happy and we feel good.  On my list is baking, gardening, reading self-development and spiritual books.  If I feel down – I go do something that’s on my list.  Try to do things on your heart list as often as possible.  Every day try to squeeze something in to get you to that place.  That sweet spot.  I’ve written about a heart-list here.
  3. Take Space:  We all need time to think.  If you’re a mum like me, it can be difficult to get a few moments to yourself.  Women in particular don’t tend to have an awful lot of time for themselves.  Make a commitment to find time to take space for yourself.  Also schedule in a plan to take a day out to yourself or weekend to attend a retreat (even if it is a mini one you have made up yourself)!
  4. Take Action:  Nothing will happen unless you take steps towards your big goal or your dream.  Take your goal and break it down and take consistent baby steps towards it.

Hope this helps !

Let me know how you get on in the comments!



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