Fourth Chakra – The Heart of the Matter



Within my E-Course Manifesting Abundance Inside Out E-Course/Programme there are Audios on all the Chakras.  The fourth week covers the 4th Chakra.  Anahata Chakra.  This chakra vibrates to the colour green.  The Element is air.  It is a twelve petalled lotus.  The purpose of this chakra is love and balance.


The 4th chakra is everything.  It is the heart of the matter.  

The Heart in the body is at the end point (or beginning point, dependent upon how you look at it) of a coil or spiral.  If you imagine a spiral placed on top of a person; the end point or beginning point of the spiral is at the heart space.  Then the spiral goes all the way around in a big circle hitting each chakra along the way and the 7th point would be at the crown chakra.  The spiral continues on out into the ether.  This makes sense in that the heart is the first organ that is developed in-utero.
So the heart is about  coming home.  Being connected to yourself.  This is where we connect to experiences.  This is how we can become creative and attract abundance.
When I draw and colour in my monthly money goal within the Manifesting Abundance Circle I often draw a spiral as a the symbol for the universe.
An open heart is really key.   An example of a person with a closed heart would be Scrooge from ‘A Christmas Carol’.  When you find someone who has an open heart; you see someone who is pure love; you feel happy and you want to be around that person and you will be attracted to that person.  Example of this would be the Dalai Lama.  Just radiates a beautiful and peaceful persona that people are attracted to.
This love is true and beautiful.  It is about how we bring our own light and how we find that love inside.  It’s not about romantic love.  It’s not about finding love from your partner.  Its about how to light yourself up from the inside out. 
We are all the same.  We all desire love and connection.  This love has evolved from the sacral chakra love that we speak about earlier in the course.  This is a deeper love that lights us up from the inside.  It is about forgiveness of others and forgiveness of ourselves.  This brings us to a much more beautiful place.  A sweet space.
Do you ever find that you are angry?  Check what you are angry about.  Because if you are feeling angry chances are that you have closed-off your heart area somewhere.  
Sonia Choquette says that a balanced heart is when we participate in soul nurturing activities that leave us feeling  cared for and receptive to others.
If your heart is closed off it’s because you are angry with someone.  Like for me, I am empathetic so I can pick up on other people’s feelings.  So this is where it can be tricky.  When you pick up on others vibes you got to make sure that you are not closing yourself off but also that you are also protecting yourself.
So what are some of the things you can do to bring balance to your heart?  
  • Offer to help someone else
  • Epson salt baths are really good to clear negative energy that you might be picking up from someone else
  • Rose oil – brings balance and calms the heart.  
  • Watch a love story
  • Forgiving yourself and others
  • Release of emotiional grief
  • Energy work with a trusted healer
  • Breathing exercises – pranayama
True abundance is gained when you live from the heart.  Therefore you are able to choose love over fear because fear holds us back and love sets us free.  Namaste.

How about you?  Share what ONE action you will take THIS WEEK to bring balance to YOUR HEART?  It could be anything from choosing to take a restorative yoga class to taking yourself on an artist date.   Share with me in the comments below.

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    Thanks for the reminder. Lately I have been under terrible stress and it is hard to focus on my heart when it is filled with worries and doubts. Perhaps it is just timely to take myself out on a date. Perhaps a quiet coffee will do 🙂


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      Oh yes, please do focus on your heart Ella. Time out for you sounds like it will help. Doing what you love helps. A lot.


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