Five Fun Facts About You



I would love to get to know you better.  Let’s share 5 fun/weird/crazy facts about each other.


We read each others blog posts, we see each other in FB Groups, yoga classes and down the market.  But we rarely get the chance to chat and connect.  I’m a bit of an introvert so tend to be quiet generally.  But I also love to connect.  Yeah, to myself; but also to others as well ha ha!

So on that note, lets try to get to know each other better.  Share 5 fun/crazy/weird/unusual/whatever facts about YOU.  I will start.  Here is a pic of me after a yoga teaching event here in Old Street, London a few weeks back:  See the #feeltheyogahigh?



Here are 5 Fun Facts about me.

  1. I talk to myself. My yoga teacher says this is a waste or prana
  2. I answer back. My dad used to say it’s ok to talk to yourself; so long as you don’t answer back. (oops!)
  3. I LOVE making home made soya cappuccinos – but by using a whisk in a saucepan to get the froth! Then I add the best cacao powder I can afford on top! (the cappucino machine broke yonks ago)!
  4. I pretty much have worn pearl earrings every day for years and years – only recently switching to turquoise jewellery which I love. The stone is good for protection from harm and for clear communication and is a talisman for luck, success, ambition and creativity.
  5. I have recently gone back to having natural hair having had it straightened with creams for years. This is my third time going natural and hopefully this time will last.



How about YOU?  Share YOUR 5 FUN/Crazy/Weird/Whatever facts about YOU in the comments!



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    Ildi Ingraham


    Fun facts about me~
    1. When I’m in the right mood (like after a glass or two of wine) I love to tell jokes. I have quite a repertoire and am quite good at it.
    2. I dress up for everything, grocery shopping, getting my hair cut, going to the movies, I’m always in a dress with coordinated jewelry.
    3. I’m a fruit freak. If I come across a berry patch or mulberry tree, forget about continuing our walk. I’m done. I’ll be there stuffing my face for an hour.
    4. My husband and I were looking for a house to buy. Out walking, I said, “I definitely don’t want a ranch style house. They’re so ugly.” He said, “I hate blue houses!” SO, we ended up buying a blue ranch style house and are quite happy with it!
    5. I would love to be a fairy and live to be 200 years old, so I could still do all the gazillion things I want to do while I’m here.


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      Love this Ildi! Especially the one about the house…so interesting isn’t it? that what we think we don’t want is often what we need.


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