A Perfect Day


A Perfect Day

I was inspired to write this post after reading Reba Linker’s book called Imagine Self-Love.  It’s a great book and really gets you thinking.  The journal prompts are pretty deep and truly hit the spot.  In the book she talks about taking a mini vacation on the path to self-love when this is what is needed.


Reba writes “Today reconnect with happiness, joy, ease, pleasure, relaxation, and these delicious holiday feelings, even in the midst of your busy life.


Saturday was just a lovely, perfect day.  The sun has been shining, the sky was blue, the air was crisp. And if you stood in the right place, or put your face at a certain angle – the sun was actually warm on your face – like really warm.  Considering this is January in the UK, really warm is good.  Trust me!


While I was waiting in my car between teaching yoga classes; I looked up and just caught this tree and the branches. And I admired how the sun caught the trunk of the tree. And once again, I marvelled at the abundance of the Universe!  Look at all the branches! 


Something clicked.  You can have a ‘Perfect Day’ in but a moment.  It’s those moments that you can build and make everything just be ok.



Having the sun on my face for me is just lovely.  It always makes me feel happy and content. And somehow, I feel like it’s a message from the Universe that everything is going to be alright.  What makes you happy?  Best of all, what makes you happy that is free and simple.  You don’t have to pay anything to love yourself.



And it’s one of the things on my heart-list. You can read about my heart-list here.   Basically, having a heart-list is having a list of 20 things that you love to do and trying to squeeze those things into your day to day life as much as possible. Read the blog and make sure that you have your own HEART LIST written down somewhere. And make sure you do them things as often as you can.



It’s a form of self-love.  Loving yourself.  Treating yourself to a small bunch of flowers.  Spending a few moments taking in the sun, breathing deeply, feeling grateful in your heart before marching on.  Reba encourages us to take a staycation, enjoy a relaxing bath or if we do go out to carry as little as possible and have not agenda but instead to follow the flow.  I like this and I try to do this every so often (although not often enough).  So that Saturday was my little version of a staycation.  

Reba asks us to journal on how we feel at the end of the day after we have gifted ourselves this space and time.  And you know what? the vibe of that second yoga class and the energy was amazing!


How do YOU feel about self-love? 


Reba Linker’s Imagine Self-Love is available for purchase at http://amzn.to/1ONvUsE

You can download a free chapter of Imagine Self-Love at: rebalinker.com/chapter-imagine-self-love/

Reba’s new self-paced ecourse, “9 Self-Love Keys to Change Your Life,” is at the Daily OM on a pay what you wish basis! Jump in here: http://bit.ly/1QwuEMP



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    Reba Linker


    Hi Rosemarie, I am so honored and grateful to see words from my book interwoven with your wisdom! I LOVE your idea of the “heartlist” and want to create my own heartlist as well. And I love your comment: “what makes you happy that is free and simple.” It’s true, that happiness is there for us all the time, it’s free, and it’s simple. Thank you, Rosemarie, from the bottom of my heart! xo, Reba


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      Oh Reba – honored to have YOU here. I actually LOVE your book. It’s amazing! Honestly, I think it is quite special. And I know it will do very well. And help people all over the world. It has certainly helped me. Thank you so much for your comments and for inspiring my blog post with your words.


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