You have a great idea or dream but you don’t feel you’re in the right place yet to be able to pursue it.  

You’ve been beaten over the head by the Universe, desperately trying to get you to listen to your heart and show you another way.  


You feel:

  • Like blocks are stopping you from being allowed/deserving to be happy and breaking free of the old patterns 
  • Lost and uncertain about the future/finances
  • Unsettled, lacking in confidence & you’re constantly doubting and second guessing yourself

 You want to:

  • Feel grounded, happy and healthy in your own skin
  • be able to hear AND listen AND trust your gut.
  • Step up to the plate and not shy away from who you really are inside 

I’m Rosemarie St. Louis and it’s my passion to work with you women to manifest a happy, healthy and abundant life and to help you finally have the life you want to shape for yourself.   I love working with women like you because I have been where you are and I am here to help.  

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Rosemarie St. Louis

I’m an energy worker and natural healer, but I wasn’t using my gifts

I buried my head in the sand, and I pretended I didn’t notice certain things.

In 2013 something cracked and I couldn’t carry on the way I had been.  I wanted change.  

Then I learnt to raise my vibe and heal in order to attract a more happy, healthy and abundant life-style.  

And, most importantly, I help show how YOU can do the same.


Also, I had this huge like psychic awareness thing happen to me, where I suddenly got a huge download of information and I KNEW all this STUFF.  I went all psychic and shit.


I just had to LEARN more, DO more and BE more.   I began learning all I could about intuition and started following leading teachers.   

I realised that I had to get back to doing work that I loved like teaching yoga, energy healing and working with the Law of Attraction and positivity.


I started a meditation practice, a coaching course and then began working with women around abundance and utilising their intuition and I also began teaching yoga again after a 5 year gap.   


I felt happier, healthier, I lost the excess weight I was carrying and dropped a dress-size.  I found my FLOW and felt more ‘me’ than I had done for years.  

 IMG_8117 rosemarie

I work one to one with my clients to get them feeling grounded first and foremost, then to start listening and trusting their hearts whilst I offer my services as an intuitive guide.   If you are ready to start listening to your own heart click here to learn more + get my best tips.    



I live in London in the UK and though at the heart of the City, I’m also at the edge of a forest – which is great cos I don’t feel too far from nature (which I really love).  

I’ve been happily married for nearly 10 years and I have a teenage son who is clever, smart and cool at the same time (how did I manage that?).


I’m an introvert (which means I like staying in) and an empath which means I can feel other peoples’ emotions.



I love yoga for the way my body feels after practice.  Open, energised, vulnerable, beautiful.  I hope for my students to feel that way too.  I am a student first; always learning.   I teach vinyasa yoga whilst playing an eclectic music so that you are taken to a place outside of your body and there is a feeling of space.




I’m also a qualified homeopath (D.Hom Med); although non-practicing.  But I still love treating myself and family with ‘magic tablets’ as I used to call them when my son was a baby (we still do).      


The Official Bio:

profile pic head shot Rosemarie St. Louis is a Transformational Life Coach and Yoga Teacher (BWY 500 hours) + Best Selling Author. She is passionate about working with women to use their intuition and find their flow to bring about manifesting beautiful abundance, happiness and health.   When she is not on her laptop or yoga mat you will find her hanging out with an awesome group of on-line women on manifesting abundance.  Connect with her at her on-line space where she shares articles, tips and recipes at www.intuitivegroundedcoaching.com.  Access her free Abundance Tracker here. (you will be glad you did).


What Others Say:

“Huge thanks to Rosemarie St. Louis for an amazing session! Had quite a few aha’s and walked away with some great exercises. Wonderful mix of gentleness, intelligence, and sense of humor – thank you for such a great coaching call!”  

Katherine Carr




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