Art of ‘Allowing’ Abundance


What Does Abundance Mean To You?

I just wanted to talk a little bit about the art of allowing abundance to come to you naturally.  So forget all the pushing and shoving that is out there and competing with others because that just won’t work.  What others are doing that’s their business!


YOU are a unique individual with a completely individual make up.  You have millions of experiences that are stored in your memory and psyche.  


Your childhood experiences are all stored and recorded and you carry that around with you every second of every day.  How can anyone else know this? or completely relate to you and what you have been through?


What about your personal circumstances?  You might have a family, or you might be single or have a big or small mortgage or rent to pay.  You may live in an expensive city or you might not.  It doesn’t matter what others are doing.  What is abundance to one is not the same to another.


So when it comes to abundance, the first thing to do is to focus on YOU.  What does abundance means to you?   You might want to be a millionaire or you might want to live on a farm and be able to eat off the land – and that makes you happy and feel abundant.  Why not?


Next allow for abundance to come to you.  How? By becoming RELAXED about it but also FOCUSED at the same time.  Getting clear on your desires are and knowing what you want and why is first and foremost.  And equally important is knowing what FEELINGS you want to experience when you get that ‘thing’.  Then, get into energy alignment with your desires and then follow the signs.


What signs?

The Universe is communicating with you all the time.  Signs and symbols are literally falling at your feet.  Ever walked past a book-shelf to find a book fall at your feet or on you head?  Then open it up and find a paragraph with a message just for you?   When you take the time to ‘tune in; and sense the energy around you, this is when you begin to read the signs.  When you can quiet the left brain and start to tune into the right brain and pick up on the energy of the heart, you begin to get in harmony with who you really are.


Take time to be silent and focus on your breath and stillness. 


Practice allowing Spirit to inform you from this quiet space.  Finally, relax and know that if it is for your highest good then the Universe will deliver.  This is how you can begin to let abundance flow towards you.


What about you?  How do you allow abundance to flow to you naturally?  Any tips and tricks?  Share with me in the comments below:





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