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I’ve just spent the most amazing 5 days enjoying Yoga and Ayuveda!  We worked a lot around cycles.  Cycles of the day, week, month year; and of course the cycle and phases of the Moon and the women’s cycle. 

According to Ayurveda, if we consciously attune ourselves to these cycles in our daily lives we can be more in our feminine power; our natural ability to heal, nurture, nourish and intuit.   

Ayuveda is all about bringing our doshas (biological energies found throughout the body and mind) into balance where possible.  The 3 main doshas are Kapha (Earth & Water); Pitta (Fire & Water) and Vata (Air & Space).  We are all born with a more dominant dosha and the doshas are effected by what we eat, think, feel and also the cycles of the year.

Was it synchronicity that the course ended on  the eve of a full moon?  I doubt it!  

Each day, our practice was based on the seasons of the year.  However, our last practice was a gorgeous 2 hour Moon (Chandra) Vinyassa practice.  Lunar practices are often, cooling and nourishing – however, my teacher works with fire (Pitta) in everything she does – so it was always going to be a strong Vinyassa class but we ended with a sumptuous 20 minute Savasana!  (Yum!)

This brings me to goal writing.  It now makes perfect sense that you should align your goals with the phases of the moon.  This means that between now (after the last full moon of the year)  and the winter solstice on 21 December is the optimum time to release 2014 and prepare your goals for 2015 (as opposed to January 1st).  Because the light is decreasing each day culminating in the shortest day of the year at Winter Solstice. You get to let go and release during this time so that you don’t bring 2014 in with the New Year. 


Guidelines for Writing Your Goals for the New Year

Have you started working on your goals for next year yet?.. I feel that working with the natural cycles of the planet will be big theme for me this year.  How about you?  See below for a really great way to prepare your goals for 2015 that I learned on the course:

  1. Treat yourself to a lovely new journal (oh what a shame you get to go stationery shopping)!
  2. Next start writing a list of what you are grateful and thankful for in 2014 – tip – make the list long – keep going even when you think your done!
  3. Next write your goals for 2015 – tip – make the list in present tense!  i.e. ‘I am living the most amazing life’

Have you started to plan your goals for 2015?  Any gorgeous, juicy ideas and goals lined up?  I would love to hear from you!  Share with me in the comments!

P.S.  Want to know what your primary and secondary Dosha is?  Best to see a qualified Ayuvedic practitioner.  However,  I’ve found an amazing tool on-line for you to do a Dosha Self -Test 

P.P.S  If you do take the test, don’t forget to share with me what your Dosha is and how accurate you found the test.  




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    Jacqueline Conroy


    Rosemarie this is the result of the Dousha self-test. Your scores are Vata: 2 Pitta: 6 Kapha: 2
    Based on your results, you are a PITTA:
    Typical for me the options to choose in the test were not always clear! Especially around hair and complexion.
    Interesting though thanks for the blog and link 🙂


    • Avatar



      Thanks for your comments Jacqueline. It is interesting isnt it? I certainly found my results interesting. Of course, best way to get accurate results would be to consult an Ayuvedic practictioner; who will usually read your pulse.


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