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Being really clear is one of the first steps in manifesting what you want.  


Be clear on what it is you really want.  So if you say that you want a new job.  What type of job?  how much money do you want to earn exactly?  What location do you really want the role to be in specifically?  How do you want to feel in the role?  What are your new colleagues going to be like as people?  If you want to work part time – what days do you not want to work?  Get really clear.  Drill right the way down.


Put energy and awareness into your dreams.  Don’t just think about it once and then put it away.  Keep the seed of your desire in the back of your mind even when you are doing other things.

Take time out daily to focus on your desire, write it out in your journal and re-write it as thoughts, changes and other ideas come to you.


Tune into your body and FEEL where you feel this energy. For me it’s the solar plexus. It feels like a warm sun radiating within.


Clear intention is an ENERGY which attracts what you want to you from the Universe.


INTEND that you will have your desire – and you will.


Share with me in the comments below YOUR manifesting tips.


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