Being Flexible

In order to follow my intuition I have to learn to be flexible.  I have to MOVE my body, stretch in the morning and/or evening.  For me, daily yoga works perfectly.  But, if you can’t commit to that kind of practice – just some light, easy stretches should do the trick:

Move your wrists around one way then the other. 

Move your head slowly one way then the other. 


Now move your head back and forth – slowly. 


Lift one foot up – rotate the foot one way then the other. 

Repeat on the other side. 

Rotate your hips. 

Sonia Choquette says in her book “Trust your Vibes” – get your old hula hoop out and move your waist!


Being flexible also relates to listening to your vibes.  Sometimes your vibes lead you in a different direction from where ego body wants to take you.  And you need to be flexible – and move in the direction where spirit wants to take you – even if that doesn’t appear to “make sense” in that particular moment.

As I have started to work more with trusting my vibes and following my intuition so many things have changed for me.  Just recently this has been showing up for me in an interesting way.  Right now it has involved working with people. 

In the past, before I worked with someone I might want to see 3 or 4 people and compare and contrast and check prices and spend hours over a decision on which person to choose.  And whilst I would always advise you do your due diligence and check the credentials of those you want to work with; also pay attention to how you are feeling.  To my surprise just recently, I have done exactly that!  I have chosen to work with two people who have been absolutely wonderful to work with and literally showed up just at the right moment. 

The most important part of my decision was the FEELING part.  It felt right.  I felt calm and I felt happy and I felt that the timing was right.  The converse is also true, whereby I was recently allocated someone to work with who in my opinion wasn’t the right person for me.  I felt it immediately.  In the first instance, I put a brave face on and tried to make it work.  But it wasn’t working – and I KNEW it wasn’t going to work going forward either.  Being flexible in this instance  was about listening to my inner guidance.  My intuition showed me that I needed to  “speak up”.  This I did.  I was immediately allocated to a THIRD wonderful person in my life right now to work with who is just right for me and my needs – in many more ways than I had previously anticipated. 

For me the feelings I can describe when something feels right is I feel happy inside.  I feel a sense of excitement bubbling up.  I feel a sense of joy and contentment all at the same time.  The feeling tends to reside in my tummy and chest area.  I also kind of ask myself inwardly if this is the right person/decision and its hard to describe but I literally cock my left ear up and “listen” for the answer – which sometimes is audible (great!) and sometimes it’s a feeling.  This new way of living is WAY better than the old way of worrying and stressing….and quite honestly?  I am LOVING it !

If you want to dive in with some simple steps to get you started tuning into your intuition – see my post here for more.


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