Release 2016 & Prepare for 2017



Hey lovely

In the UK it is now dark and cold, but today has had it’s brighter moments.  I taught my first yoga class this morning since the Christmas break and it was really lovely.  After class I ran a few errands and ended up having a coffee and croissant in a cafe; my phone suddenly died which was fine as it gave me some time for contemplation.

Tonight is New Moon making this evening the perfect time to complete & release your review of 2016 if you haven’t already.  So I decided to send you my Manifesting Mandala & Moon Abundance Workbook.

You can get it here:  
It’s a 35 page workbook to help you release 2016 and start 2017 on the right track with some magical chakra journalling prompts.  Keep all your abundance in one place on a monthly basis.  Keep an eye on the New and Full Moon Dates and tap into your creativity with monthly mandalas too.  

I hope you enjoy it!  And Let’s make 2017 fabulously abundant in so many ways.

Lot’s of Love.

Rosemarie xx

P.S.  If any of you are local to me, and into Vinyasa Yoga, my New Year Intention Setting Workshop in January has completely Sold Out.  However, you can still get a place on my next workshop – The Self Love Day on 26th February 2017; 2pm-4.30pm @ Friends Meeting House, E11.  I want you to leave having a HUGE BOOST OF LOVE!  Email me to book : or check my yoga website :


Inspired Abundance



I have been thinking about inspiration.


What do you do to feel inspired?


Inspirational, real life stories are so helpful and really make me feel abundant.  How about you?


Where do you look for inspiration?  What inspires YOU?  


Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in a cafe in a really cool area in London, UK – a place called Shoreditch.  (where a cappuccino costs £3 (approx $6!)  So anyways, all the Apple Macs are out – you know the place!  (Ok, yeah, I had mine out too!)


Originally the internet wasn’t working so I asked the guy behind my table.  He was an ok guy – but he seemed a bit miserable.  And he told me it doesn’t work.  So I went up and spoke to the friendly server who gave me a different password/login.  I tried it and it worked so I went and told the guy that had been sitting behind me – (him with the glum face) and that made him really happy, cos by the looks of it he was sitting there for hours unable to use his Mac.  


Then I changed to a more shady spot and the guy next door to me is an Italian actor practicing his lines and he ask if I mind that he is talking to himself all the time?  I laugh and say “no, I talk to myself all the time – you go ahead!”  ha ha.  This is what I love about London!  Meeting lots of people; just vining and chatting.


Get inspiration by going to the movies, watching a play, checking out a museum or listening to music.


P.S.  When your vibe is lifted – you feel more abundant and happy!


What makes YOU inspired and happy and abundant?  Share with me in the comments below.



Five Fun Facts About You



I would love to get to know you better.  Let’s share 5 fun/weird/crazy facts about each other.


We read each others blog posts, we see each other in FB Groups, yoga classes and down the market.  But we rarely get the chance to chat and connect.  I’m a bit of an introvert so tend to be quiet generally.  But I also love to connect.  Yeah, to myself; but also to others as well ha ha!

So on that note, lets try to get to know each other better.  Share 5 fun/crazy/weird/unusual/whatever facts about YOU.  I will start.  Here is a pic of me after a yoga teaching event here in Old Street, London a few weeks back:  See the #feeltheyogahigh?



Here are 5 Fun Facts about me.

  1. I talk to myself. My yoga teacher says this is a waste or prana
  2. I answer back. My dad used to say it’s ok to talk to yourself; so long as you don’t answer back. (oops!)
  3. I LOVE making home made soya cappuccinos – but by using a whisk in a saucepan to get the froth! Then I add the best cacao powder I can afford on top! (the cappucino machine broke yonks ago)!
  4. I pretty much have worn pearl earrings every day for years and years – only recently switching to turquoise jewellery which I love. The stone is good for protection from harm and for clear communication and is a talisman for luck, success, ambition and creativity.
  5. I have recently gone back to having natural hair having had it straightened with creams for years. This is my third time going natural and hopefully this time will last.



How about YOU?  Share YOUR 5 FUN/Crazy/Weird/Whatever facts about YOU in the comments!



Fourth Chakra – The Heart of the Matter



Within my E-Course Manifesting Abundance Inside Out E-Course/Programme there are Audios on all the Chakras.  The fourth week covers the 4th Chakra.  Anahata Chakra.  This chakra vibrates to the colour green.  The Element is air.  It is a twelve petalled lotus.  The purpose of this chakra is love and balance.


The 4th chakra is everything.  It is the heart of the matter.  

The Heart in the body is at the end point (or beginning point, dependent upon how you look at it) of a coil or spiral.  If you imagine a spiral placed on top of a person; the end point or beginning point of the spiral is at the heart space.  Then the spiral goes all the way around in a big circle hitting each chakra along the way and the 7th point would be at the crown chakra.  The spiral continues on out into the ether.  This makes sense in that the heart is the first organ that is developed in-utero.
So the heart is about  coming home.  Being connected to yourself.  This is where we connect to experiences.  This is how we can become creative and attract abundance.
When I draw and colour in my monthly money goal within the Manifesting Abundance Circle I often draw a spiral as a the symbol for the universe.
An open heart is really key.   An example of a person with a closed heart would be Scrooge from ‘A Christmas Carol’.  When you find someone who has an open heart; you see someone who is pure love; you feel happy and you want to be around that person and you will be attracted to that person.  Example of this would be the Dalai Lama.  Just radiates a beautiful and peaceful persona that people are attracted to.
This love is true and beautiful.  It is about how we bring our own light and how we find that love inside.  It’s not about romantic love.  It’s not about finding love from your partner.  Its about how to light yourself up from the inside out. 
We are all the same.  We all desire love and connection.  This love has evolved from the sacral chakra love that we speak about earlier in the course.  This is a deeper love that lights us up from the inside.  It is about forgiveness of others and forgiveness of ourselves.  This brings us to a much more beautiful place.  A sweet space.
Do you ever find that you are angry?  Check what you are angry about.  Because if you are feeling angry chances are that you have closed-off your heart area somewhere.  
Sonia Choquette says that a balanced heart is when we participate in soul nurturing activities that leave us feeling  cared for and receptive to others.
If your heart is closed off it’s because you are angry with someone.  Like for me, I am empathetic so I can pick up on other people’s feelings.  So this is where it can be tricky.  When you pick up on others vibes you got to make sure that you are not closing yourself off but also that you are also protecting yourself.
So what are some of the things you can do to bring balance to your heart?  
  • Offer to help someone else
  • Epson salt baths are really good to clear negative energy that you might be picking up from someone else
  • Rose oil – brings balance and calms the heart.  
  • Watch a love story
  • Forgiving yourself and others
  • Release of emotiional grief
  • Energy work with a trusted healer
  • Breathing exercises – pranayama
True abundance is gained when you live from the heart.  Therefore you are able to choose love over fear because fear holds us back and love sets us free.  Namaste.

How about you?  Share what ONE action you will take THIS WEEK to bring balance to YOUR HEART?  It could be anything from choosing to take a restorative yoga class to taking yourself on an artist date.   Share with me in the comments below.

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Third Chakra – The Fire that ignites our Will into Action

In the third week of my Manifesting Abundance Inside Out E-Course/Programme, we look at the third chakra.  
Chakra 3, also called the Manipura Chakra is a 10 petalled lotus.  It’s element is Fire.  This chakra is often called the power chakra.  It is about courage, ego, our identity.  It is to do with our will and also to do with control.  This is where our power is. 
 The third Charkra vibrates to the colour yellow.  It is located at the solar plexus which is roughly located at the centre of our body.    Also located at our centre.  The centre of our bodies.  This is about our personal power. It’s interesting because our centre governs our legs as well as our upper bodies  So it’s our centre AND our power.
Real abundance is to be found where we place our attention to what brings us most joy.  What makes us happy and feel good.  
The centre is where we digest and metabolise our food.  If we could not do this we could not live.  
We started off talking about being grounded in the first chakra and when we moved up to the second chakra which looked at how we can have that spark of desire to give us the creativity and use that to know what feels good and we love.  And once we have that awakend we can move up to the third chakra energetically up the spine.
Without the fire we won’t do anything.  We might have beautiful intuitive insights and hits.  But without that fire – we won’t make that move.  We need the FIRE to actually go for it.  That’s where this chakra comes in.
The third chakra is a lot to do with our personal power.  Recently I found that I had given my power away.  When you have given your personal power away, what do you do about it?  It’s about boundaries. Are you respecting your boundaries? Are others respecting your boundaries?
Top tips for protecting your third chakra
1. Put your hands across your belly for protection
2. Imagine a golden sun radiating across your bell spreading warmth
3. If you feel intimidated by someone you can turn your self away slightly as well as cover your belly with your hands
4. Laughter – brings release and relief – this takes you out of the seriousness of life.
This is an important and auspicious Nadi centre.  
Honour it’s power and ensure that you protect and respect the fire within you.

How about you?  Share what ONE action you will take THIS WEEK to ignite your FIRE.  It could be anything from reaching out to your boss and suggesting having a chat or reaching out to a friend and suggesting you have a coffee so that you can get some support.  Whatever it is make a commitment to yourself to ignite YOUR FIRE and take some action in your life.


Want to find out more about the Manifesting Abundance Inside Out E-Course Programme? A spiritual course that helps you to tap into the essence of YOU and where you are right now on your journey?   You can get all the juicy details here.


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Track Your Money Like A Boss

thanksfor allthatyou do (3)


3 Top Tips to Track Money Like A Boss.


1. Be Aware of your money and when money is coming into you.  

2.  Acknowledge it.  

3.  Be Grateful.


A great way to track your money is to be AWARE of when money comes into you. ACKNOWLEDGE that you have RECEIVED it and being GRATEFUL for it.


This sends a message to the Universe allowing you to be ready to receive MORE.


How do YOU track your money?  Or is the cash machine your ‘friend?’


Wanna track money like a boss?  Whilst colouring-in mandala’s like a hippy?  


Click here to grab my Monthly Money Tracker Sheets.  It’s FREE!  

Full Moon Ritual


Full Moon – A powerful opportunity to manifest your dreams & desires. A Full Moon when the moon is at its fullest and brightest brings a new cycle which can highlight that which is no longer serving you.  So with the aspect of clarity one can choose to ‘let go’ with love; that which is no longer working for you in your life.  

With the Full Moon coming in on Friday, 22nd April – question : what are you preparing to manifest in your life? Can you put the ‘meat on the bones’ of your intentions that you set at New Moon on the 7th April? (If you didn’t set any new intentions – that is fine.  You get the chance every month at New Moon to set some intentions & goals and at Full Moon to fine tune and reap the benefits.  The two are in relationship with each other; which highlights that relationships are important in our lives too.  


Full Moon Ritual

  • Create space for your ritual; for yourself to take some time out.

  • Light a candle

  • Take some healing deep breaths.

  • Tidy or create an alter where you gather items that mean something to you such as crystals, oracle cards, feathers, etc.,

  • Journal on what you feel you would like to release in your life.  Perhaps it is ways of being that are no longer serving you.  Perhaps it a person in your life that you have outgrown.

  • Close your eyes and see that which you are letting go of slip away.

  • Take Yoni Mudra.  Thumbs touch and index fingers touch and the other fingers are interlocked.  Bring the mudra down to your pelvis.  This brings balance between your creative and elimination processes.  Allowing you to focus on what is useful and valuable and let go of what is not.

  • Bless with love what it is you would like to let go of.

  • Do something healing (for me it might be a healing yoga practice).  Or it could be to sip some herbal tea.

  • Gather your crystals together to bathe and be cleansed in the full moonlight.



My India Trip


I had a wonderful trip to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Delhi and Agra – and I just want to be back there right now.  There was lots of yoga, shopping and just soaking up life in technicolour that is India without even trying!  

There were 16 of us in all and it was the most fabulous sojourn.




We practiced on one terrace and meditated early morning on the terrace above.




I feel like the trip has opened my eyes on several things which I want to contemplate over the next few weeks and months.  



First of all, I could hardly get any internet which was a good thing really, because it meant that I had a bit of a digital detox.  And that is good because it’s lovely to ‘come down’ once in a while.  By being off-line for a change I felt like I was alive, living.  Present.  All the things as creatives and yogis’ and entrepreneurs and sensible people we should want to be.  ‘Present’.


On the other hand, I wasn’t expecting the internet not to be working so I brought my laptop with me.  I brought an expensive sleeve the day before to be able to travel with it.  I didn’t let my on-line group know that I wasn’t going to be posting daily (because having asked in advance I was expecting the internet to simply work).  Well there was WIFI.  But this is India.  This is life, we have to roll with what is and accept graciously what life throws at us.  And although wifi was available it was very shaky.  And hardly ever worked.


OK it wasn’t totally internet free.  Every now and then there would be a burst of internet and all us yogini’s would make a dash for our phones.  The talking would stop and everyone would have their faces down and fingers and thumbs tapping. Again.  Like we do in our normal lives.  


Whilst there we celebrated Holi, Festival of colour, Spring Equinox, Full Moon and whilst walking around Rishikesh we walked into my teachers’ lineage ashram that had only open-end that very day!- you could still smell the paint!  and no, I don’t think that any of this is an accident!  

Something Sonia Choquette says come’s to mind – ‘When you get in tune with the universe the universe works with you not against you’.



If you work with me on-line or come to my yoga classes you will know that creating space is one of the things I talk about a lot.  When you create space in your mind and body you are able to see more, feel more and perceive more.  You’re able to be more, do more and have more. 



As an intuitive, creating space is really is important.  When you have space you are able to flow more and able to create much more and feel what is going on.  So that if you are blocked you are able to discern where the blockages are and take steps to unblock yourself.  But when you are packed solid and bombarded with messages and updates and flashing things it’s difficult to really feel into what is going on around you.  


When you have space in your mind and body you can read energy.  Energy within yourself, AND energy around you.  That’s my take on it and that feeling of space that I like to create in every practice I make and class I teach I felt much more whilst I was in India and it is something that I wish to try to cultivate within my life much more now that I am back.  


How about you?  How do you create space in your life?  What are your fave tips and tricks?  

Come to one of my workshops or yoga classes if you are local or connect with me to chat one on one about how you can create space and flow in your life.




P.S. My Full Moon Workshop is on Sunday 24th April 2pm-4pm

Full Moon Vinyasa Yoga Workshop ‘Letting Go’

As women we rarely take the chance to take space for ourselves.  This workshop allows the opportunity to dive deeper into a vinyasa yoga practice whilst working with the energy of the full moon.  This lunar energy brings a chance for us to realise and celebrate our achievements and manifestation and be creative in our flow.

Anatomically we will focus on our hips in this practice, however, as usual the practice will be full spectrum.  

The workshop is being held in exchange for £20 before 9th April and £25 thereafter.  So grab your early bird discount – quick!

Bring your journal for self reflective journalling and also bring your colouring pens because we are going to get creative!

Contact me to secure your space.

Manifesting Box




Manifesting Box

A manifesting or manifestation box can be a great way to manifest your dreams goals and desires.  Also called an inspiration box, intentions box or wish box or jar. 


What you do is you write your dreams, goals and desires i.e. the things you want to manifest on a piece of paper. Fold it up and pop it in the box (or in a clear jar).  You can make a pretty label for your box or jar and colour it in (this put’s you in creation mode) and stick your label on your jar/box.


As you do this, know that you are attracting your desires to you and watch the universe respond.  It’s amazing how when you state your desires and goals either through the spoken or written word we energise your dreams and bring them from the unconscious to the conscious realm – and into your physical reality.


You can choose to open the box at the end of the year or you can open it monthly – it’s entirely up to you.  You can even choose to open the box when you feel a bit down.  It’s a great way to cheer yourself up.


Happy Box

Another thing I like to do is combine my manifesting box with my ‘happy box’.  A happy box is where you pop things in the box that make you feel happy.  It can be little love notes that you write to yourself, a favourite set of oracle cards – whatever you want that makes you feel happy.  And then when you need a boost – off you go to your manifesting/happy box.  Then you vibe is lifted, your channels are clearer which put’s you in a better state to manifest your desires.  Of course, you can keep these boxes separately.


How about you?  What are your tips for healthy manifesting of your dreams and desires?  

Share with me in the comments below.


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Are you clear on your desires & goals

intuitive grounded coaching


Being really clear is one of the first steps in manifesting what you want.  


Be clear on what it is you really want.  So if you say that you want a new job.  What type of job?  how much money do you want to earn exactly?  What location do you really want the role to be in specifically?  How do you want to feel in the role?  What are your new colleagues going to be like as people?  If you want to work part time – what days do you not want to work?  Get really clear.  Drill right the way down.


Put energy and awareness into your dreams.  Don’t just think about it once and then put it away.  Keep the seed of your desire in the back of your mind even when you are doing other things.

Take time out daily to focus on your desire, write it out in your journal and re-write it as thoughts, changes and other ideas come to you.


Tune into your body and FEEL where you feel this energy. For me it’s the solar plexus. It feels like a warm sun radiating within.


Clear intention is an ENERGY which attracts what you want to you from the Universe.


INTEND that you will have your desire – and you will.


Share with me in the comments below YOUR manifesting tips.


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