Art of ‘Allowing’ Abundance


What Does Abundance Mean To You?

I just wanted to talk a little bit about the art of allowing abundance to come to you naturally.  So forget all the pushing and shoving that is out there and competing with others because that just won’t work.  What others are doing that’s their business!


YOU are a unique individual with a completely individual make up.  You have millions of experiences that are stored in your memory and psyche.  


Your childhood experiences are all stored and recorded and you carry that around with you every second of every day.  How can anyone else know this? or completely relate to you and what you have been through?


What about your personal circumstances?  You might have a family, or you might be single or have a big or small mortgage or rent to pay.  You may live in an expensive city or you might not.  It doesn’t matter what others are doing.  What is abundance to one is not the same to another.


So when it comes to abundance, the first thing to do is to focus on YOU.  What does abundance means to you?   You might want to be a millionaire or you might want to live on a farm and be able to eat off the land – and that makes you happy and feel abundant.  Why not?


Next allow for abundance to come to you.  How? By becoming RELAXED about it but also FOCUSED at the same time.  Getting clear on your desires are and knowing what you want and why is first and foremost.  And equally important is knowing what FEELINGS you want to experience when you get that ‘thing’.  Then, get into energy alignment with your desires and then follow the signs.


What signs?

The Universe is communicating with you all the time.  Signs and symbols are literally falling at your feet.  Ever walked past a book-shelf to find a book fall at your feet or on you head?  Then open it up and find a paragraph with a message just for you?   When you take the time to ‘tune in; and sense the energy around you, this is when you begin to read the signs.  When you can quiet the left brain and start to tune into the right brain and pick up on the energy of the heart, you begin to get in harmony with who you really are.


Take time to be silent and focus on your breath and stillness. 


Practice allowing Spirit to inform you from this quiet space.  Finally, relax and know that if it is for your highest good then the Universe will deliver.  This is how you can begin to let abundance flow towards you.


What about you?  How do you allow abundance to flow to you naturally?  Any tips and tricks?  Share with me in the comments below:





There is no Angry Way to Say Bubbles!

“She turned to the sunlight    And shook-2


There really is no angry way to say bubbles – try it!  

Laughter is so important in life.  Especially when going through rough times.  It’s great to be able to just throw back your head and laugh out loud!  Have you noticed that?  Have you ever been able to find a way to smile through tears for example?  I have.  

Or have you ever been on a crowded tube train – and something catches your amusement and your eyes meet with a fellow passenger and you both smile or even better, laugh?  That feeling of connection can keep you going in feel good land for ages!  That’s probably why situation comedies go down so well – it’s the human factor.

Laughter can be so healing to the soul.  Soothing the rough edges of life and bringing a feeling of refreshment to sore wounds.


Benefits of laughing

Reduces heart disease
Natural pain killer
Improves breathing
Helps you lose weight
Gives good sleep
Decreases stress
Makes you look young
Source : ebjchechecastro


So accordingly, laughter really is the best doctor!  Plus, you know when you have a really good belly laugh?  And you say that you laugh so much that it hurts?  That is really good – because that is when endorphins are released into the body (natural pain and stress relievers).  So, go ahead and LOL as much as you like!

I love that little quote –


Next time you feel some anger coming on – practicing saying this  quote to yourself quietly and see what happens.  

How about you?  What are ways that you use to bring on laughter and get your smile on?   Let me know in the comments below.

\Much love & laughter  xx









Checking-in Mid Year



Ok, so we are past the midpoint check-in for the year.  Have you reviewed your goals yet?  Do you make it a point to check in and review them?  If so, how regularly do you check-in?

What was your word for the year?

Mine was Balanise.  It is a mixture of the words balance and organise.  It’s because that is what I most needed at the start of the year.  It is still what I need & want now.  To balance my working/business and home life.  To create order in every aspect of my life in a balanced and organised way.


“She turned to the sunlight    And shook-5


Miracles can and DO happen.

A miracle is an unexpected occurrence that brings you far more than you expected. 

I remember when I needed an exact amount of money some years ago.  I was really ‘broke’ and overdrawn and I kept thinking about this money every single day.  This was a few years ago.  The amount was £500.00.  Not so much to be overdrawn by these days – but at the time this really, really bothered me.  I wanted to manifest this overdrawn amount so that I could re-pay my overdraft.  I meditated daily, I journalled and I did creative visualisation.  

Now, I know this sounds really simple, but one morning, upon waking, a thought popped into my head that I had an old Abbey National savings account which I had forgotten about.  It was weird as I had been concentrating really hard on how I could solve this situation.  And the account just hadn’t entered my mind before this moment.  I felt all tingly over my body as I realised something important was happening.  Do you ever get that when your intuition kicks in?  

As soon as I could, I contacted the Bank and checked my account.  Guess what?  I had EXACTLY £500.00 in the account.  Exactly the amount I had been worrying over all that time!  Now, I know it’s not a lot of money these days – but the principle is the same.  To me, this was a miracle – and one I have never forgotten. 

Can you think of a time when you were worried about money or something one day – and then the next day you received money or a gift from an unexpected source?

How did this make you feel? Can you hold onto this feeling and KNOW that this can happen again for you?

Are you looking for a miracle right now?

Are you open to receiving it?

Is there some love you need to give to someone?  Or is there somewhere where you need to open your heart?  Is there a little de-cluttering that you need to do in mind and body and/or home?  Or is there someone that you need to forgive?  Maybe you need to forgive yourself and not be so hard on yourself.

It’s all these little practices that we do that brings us into a lighter place and that leads us into the miracles of manifesting what we want.

Lets face it.  The very fact that you were born is a miracle.  Yes you are a miracle!

Share with me in the comments below your little (or big) miracles!


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The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

In life there are times when stuff comes up.  Heavy, deep, dark stuff.
And sometimes it can hit you for six!  You have to make a choice – either curl up & give up or stand up and deal with it!
Ya know? Like there is the darkness and in reality – you don’t really wanna go there.  Yet, you go  because you have to.  Sometimes you have to fight back when you’re under attack.  Like when stuff comes to you.  When peeps suddenly stab you in the back for no apparent reason.   And when things blow up when you were least expecting it.
So that’s when you may have to dig deep, feel the fire – and go there!  Use only the energy you need.  Preserve your energy for more pleasant stuff.  None of us like going into that dark place for very long.  
Light at the end of the tunnel
See that there is a light at the end of the tunnel of darkness.  Focus on the light and know that you will get there.  For that focus you need to dive deep using tools that will assist you.  For me yoga has been a saviour.  Teaching me that I can create an internal fire inside, release that out into the world via my breath, set my intention, see the light and move towards it.  Knowing that it is done.
We can also hold the focus by using Mudra.  Yogi Mudra – sometimes called Jupiter Mudra with the hands together fingers interlocked and the index fingers pointing up is a good one for holding your focus, for clarity and strength and for good luck.  Kshepana Mudra is very similar to Yogi Mudra; only the tips of the index fingers are touching and there’s space between the two fingers.  So hands together, interlocking fingers.  If you are sitting, ensure that the index fingers point down to the ground.  If lying down, then the fingers point towards the feet.  Hold for 7 – 15 breaths focusing on the exhalation.  Imagine a laser beam  cutting through obstacles or dispelling negative energy.
Call on this energy to chop away the rot and face the fire and know that you are able to deal with it.  Link up with the Higher Forces, whether you call this Higher Force, God or Goddess, The Universe, The Angels – as long as you are willing to believe that there is a Power greater than yourself.
Keep the faith!
I just wanted to write about this because I know that there is this intense energy right now and I’m not the only one going through stuff.  This month in particular has been heavy.
When working with attracting abundance you need to keep a positive mindset.  However, in the midst of dealing with heaviness; you will no doubt find this challenging.  That’s why visualising the light at the end of the tunnel is so inspiring.
It’s not all polyana, life IS great, but use the tools to deal with stuff when you need to.  Yoga plus other tools helps me and teaches me – and for that, I am grateful.
How about you?  What tools do you use?  Share with me in the comments below:

8 Top Tips to Attract Abundance




Do you want to attract abundance and prosperity in your life but don’t know how?

Do you even feel abundant?   

Whenever I’m not feeling the abundance all around me, I reconnect by looking out the window or I go out in nature and look at a tree.  

Can you count the leaves on the branches of a tree?  Or look down at the grass and see if you can count the blades of grass.  See, abundance is everywhere!  My teacher says it’s all about our beliefs and our thinking.  

If we BELIEVED, we could walk through walls!  It’s our thoughts that tell us that we can’t.

So if abundance is everywhere but yet, you don’t feel abundant.  Read on!


My Top 8 Tips to Attract Abundance


 1. Get clear about the essence of your desires and the needs and higher qualities that you want it to fulfill.  Then, when something that you manifested comes; you will be able to recognize it.  For example your desire might be a new set of clothes because you have been feeling un-confident at work lately.  So the essence of your desire is that you want to start feeling more confident.  Once you become clear on the essence of your desires you can start to do something about that.  The Universe may deliver a confidence course – and a new wardrobe may not be needed after all.  If you were not clear about the essence of your desire you would not recognize that the Universe has heard your inner calling and delivered it to you on a plate!


2.  Ask the Universe/God/The Angels for whatever it is you want.  Only you know what is going on in your heart and what it is you truly desire.  So ask.  Make a statement, write it down, journal about it, get specific about it.  Pray or meditate about it.

3.  Believe that you are going to receive what you have asked for.  Ask believe receive – all part of the Law of Attraction right?


4.  Trust.  Trusting involves letting go of the control.  Ego always wants to be in control.  One clients recently felt such relief as she started to finally let go of the need to always be in control.  This can be a game changer!


5.  Grateful.   Be grateful.  Gratitude brings a sense of appreciation for what you already have which in turn raises your vibration.


6.  Create Space.  Create Space for the new object or desire to come in.  Might need to de-clutter your work space or tidy the files in your computer.  Tidy up the home and de-clutter the home.  Give some stuff to charity or sell stuff on auction sites.


7.  Give, give, give.  The more you give, the more you open yourself up to receiving.


8.  Match your vibration to that which you want to receive.  So when I manifested my husband, I had been single for over 10 years.  I had learned some of this stuff by then so what I did was prepare for him.  I imagined what it would feel like to have a gorgeous man by my side and in my life.  I went into my FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS.  I imagined how happy I would feel, how we would laugh together and how we would have a similar mindset.  I also imagined and played out how it would all feel.  I imagined the things we would talk about. And I began living like I already had him in my life.   And I created space for him in my life also (see tip 6)!  When we first started going out I actually wondered if he had been previously taping my calls because we spoke so much of the same language!  

So next time that your not feeling so abundant – try one of these top tips!  

Feel free to connect with me to discuss more about how you can attract abundance and get your money mojo working for you like never before!


How about you?  Share with me in the comments below your top tips for attracting abundance!






My Interview With Access London

A couple of months ago, I was approached by Access London by Keaton’s to talk about my life Coaching and Yoga Teaching.


In the post, I talk about what inspired me to become a Life Coach and Yoga Teacher and also about my yoga classes in Forest Gate and Wanstead, East London.


I talk about my love of Vinyasa Yoga.  Why I am so passionate about the Dance-like movements, synchronised with the breath, the music, they dynamism and the creativity.  And how I love to see people transform in front of my eyes.

You can read the post here:


Going Deeper, Shifting More

The more I do this work, the more I realize that there are layers.  And as you peel back a layer, there’s more.  And you need to go deeper.  This is what I am being called to do now and uncover more of my true nature and essence. 

Going Deeper

And, as I peel back the layers, I feel another shift taking place within me.  There’s this feeling that I need to realize and align with my truth.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

Edgar Allan Poe


There is also a sense that I need to connect more.   Honour my softness and the divine feminine within.  There’s something here as well about showing my vulnerability.  Declaring that this is me. That I care about people.  That I am soft natured.  That I make mistakes and that I not perfect.  That sometimes I need help too.  And that is o.k.

And even though I don’t usually ask for help – it doesn’t mean that sometimes, sometimes, that’s exactly what I do need.

What is coming up for me also is that I need to heal.  To look after myself and put myself first more often.  

As women, this is the opposite to how we generally operate.   Treat yourself to healing sessions that allow you to heal and replenish.  Give back to yourself more.  In doing so you can feel good as you share with others.  

I have been getting the message; but not truly following the gentle nudge of my guides.  But I am listening now.

As women, we tend to place ourselves last.  We take care of everyone else before ourselves. Even more so once children come along.  There comes a time though that we women need to carve out space for ourselves.  So that we can truly ‘see’.   I recently wrote a post about Creating Space:


Look After Yourself

Many of my clients are going through a similar process.  The message I feel, is to be gentle on ourselves as we go through this process.  There’s a clearing going on and an expansion of our consciousness.  Be good to yourself as you go through these changes. Take it easy, slow down and listen and ensure that you are up on your self-care.  

Recently, as part of my own self-care I’ve had a fabulous

  • kinesiology session
  • homeopathic consultation (+ one for my boy)
  • hired a VA (Virtual Assistant)
  • And I’ve hired a coach.  

Coach’s need coach’s’ too – and I haven’t had one for a little while.   The feeling of support, love and validation has been amazing and my productivity has gone up – and I feel this fire within me glowering from my core once again.

P.S. I’ve got to be careful the fire doesn’t burn me up!   Well, like I said, I’m not perfect. (smile).  Which brings me to the other message I’ve been getting – and I have for you too.  Have fun!  

What about you?  Share with me (if that feels right to you); how you feel about going deeper, or vulnerability or self-care.


I am on a mission to connect you with your own internal guidance system.  We all move through life receiving messages from our inner selves that guide us.

You know that sick feeling in your stomach when you’ve just spent more money than you should? That’s your body communicating with you.  You don’t need to become a psychic ninja but I will help you learn to notice the signs that your body and heart offer you.  This helps you slowly start to listen to your heart and that small voice.  And more importantly, you will learn when you need to act quickly and when you can hold back.

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Spring – Awakening The New – Detoxify & Cleanse

SIt’s like the World has been asleep and then finally, something stirs and an awakening is taking place. It’s subtle at first, a slight stirring, an unfolding and finally, a bursting through.

Spring is here and everything feels new, fresh and alive with hope. 


There is renewed energy, vigor and determination to get things done.  To move forward.  To make changes in our lives and in our homes.

Clearing Out

But this is also traditionally a time when folks clear out the old first to make way for the new.   It’s a time to let go of what doesn’t work or is no longer needed so that you can make room for new stuff – or just to be able to think more clearly.  This is something that I admit I find difficult to do.  

Just recently my husband and I cleared out 5 large black bags full of stuff from ours and our sons bedroom (most of it was my stuff!)  It’s something I had been meaning to do for ages.  But its taken me awhile to act.  Now that this has been done (and there is still way to go) I’ve noticed that my productivity has gone up and I’ve been able to think more clearly and efficiently.


This season is also a time of detoxification.  Many peeps get colds due to the weather change.  We can help detoxify the digestive system by fasting or cleanses and we can use our yoga practice to help the lymphatic system get rid of wastes. 

Yoga Postures Which Cleanse & Detoxify

 Vinyasa Yoga

This yoga practice is the breath aligned with movement and is a detoxification practice in itself due to its more rigorous and dynamic aspect.

Mariychiasana III – Pose Dedicated to the Sage Marichi

The squeezing motion of the abdomen against the thigh helps to aid digestion and elimination.

Adha Muka Savasana – Downward Facing Dog 

Downward Facing Dog : The elevation of the heart above the head reverses gravity and aids lympth drainage and blood circulation.

Viparita Karani – Legs up the wall 

Abdomen relaxes and stimulation of the digestive organs. 

In my classes, I use a myriad of twists and revolving standing poses.

Check out my Pinterest Board for more yoga poses and inspiration 



If your in London, join me on the 22nd March @ 3pm.  I’ve created a mini retreat for you. It’s a Yoga Workshop called ‘Time & Space’.  It will take care of the YOU time that you crave giving you a glorious 2.5 hours for you to enjoy spending time on your mat; exploring a deeper meaning for time and space.  A vigorous Vinyasa Practice, some chanting, some candles and just a lovely, nurturing experience.

Find out more about the TIME & SPACE WORKSHOP HERE


Create Space For YOU

 Create Space For You


Do you know how you can Create Space for You?  A couple of years back my coach suggested that I take some space for myself.  It was a challenge to even imagine what that would feel like.

In my house, everyone follows me around – from husband, to son to cat!  So as soon as I walk through the door, there’s a trail of people (and animal) behind me!

I’ve since realized I have to put boundaries in place whereby I protect my energy and eek out some much needed space and time for myself.  Make it part of your self-care and self-nurturing routine.

One of the things you can do is create a mini retreat.  It doesn’t have to cost money.  Be creative. You can take a day off and go to a spa or have a sauna.   Then go to a cafe or go back home (when you know no-one else is in) and enjoy a cup of tea all by yourself and read a book or journal or meditate – or whatever YOU feel like doing.

One of the things I did after my coach’s’ challenge was to take myself off to a hotel for a night all by myself.   It was daunting, it was scary – but it was total bliss

The whole weekend I played ‘intuitive detective’ and I tuned into how everything felt before I made any decision.   So much fun!  It was a Friday night. I wondered around the City and decided where I would have dinner –  and I found a really lovely restaurant and had a sumptuous dinner. Then I returned to the hotel,  wrote in my journal, read, watched some TV, meditated and then went to sleep.   I woke very early, used the hotels gym for my own yoga practice and then used the swimming pool and sauna and just floated on my back, staring up at the glass ceilings for hours.

I then took a late breakfast, taking my time to choose the perfect place and spot in the spring sunshine.  Afterwards, I wondered around and found some markets where I could browse to my hearts content.  (If I had been with my husband he would have hated this bit), but being on my own, I was totally free to enjoy the experience.

After years of being a mum, being in a relationship etc., you forget how it feels to spend that much time on your own doing whatever you want to do without having to consider anyone else feelings.

When you learn how to nourish yourself, you need less from your external world because you are filling yourself up from within.  You are making your own self happy and you know the steps to take care of yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally and to take care of your physical body.

I challenge you to create your own mini-retreat!  Create space for yourself, its part of nurturing and taking care of yourself.  

Let me know how creative you can be and share with me in the comments below:


If your in London, join me on the 22nd March @ 3pm.  I’ve created a mini retreat for you. It’s a Yoga Workshop called ‘Time & Space’.  It will take care of the YOU time that you crave giving you a glorious 2.5 hours for you to enjoy spending time on your mat; exploring a deeper meaning for time and space.  A vigorous Vinyasa Practice, some chanting, some candles and just a lovely experience.

Find out more about the TIME & SPACE WORKSHOP HERE