Can you feel the first burst of Spring?

first burst of spring 
For us in the Northern Hemisphere – I know it’s cold – but can you feel the first burst of Spring? I can.
Have you noticed that the evenings are getting lighter? When I left work on Monday evening – I was really surprised to see that it was light outside. I’ve got daff’s pushing through in my garden and once again notice little buds and flowers bursting through.
I love Spring, it put’s a smile on my face and brings me joy. Makes me feel abundant and happy.  Good feelings are great because when you FEEL good the Universe sends you MORE goodness.
The world around us is stirring and awakening from the sleepy, wateriness of winter. And we transition to an energy of awakening, growth and warmth.
We shake off the Kaptha (slowness and sluggishness) and move into a pitta (heat).  It’s a time when people often get colds.  So with yoga our practice becomes more vigorous and we create more heat.  But not too much over exertion.  Lots of forward bends and some twists.  Kryias that move congestion from our respiratory system will be taught directly in class.
Ahh I love spring!  The new life, the energy of the Universe, the awakening.  It’s my birthday month too.  Happy memories.  Love it!

What about you? What do you love about Spring? How can do you use Spring energy in your life?  Do you change the way you eat? How about your spiritual practice?  

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