Five Fun Facts About You



I would love to get to know you better.  Let’s share 5 fun/weird/crazy facts about each other.


We read each others blog posts, we see each other in FB Groups, yoga classes and down the market.  But we rarely get the chance to chat and connect.  I’m a bit of an introvert so tend to be quiet generally.  But I also love to connect.  Yeah, to myself; but also to others as well ha ha!

So on that note, lets try to get to know each other better.  Share 5 fun/crazy/weird/unusual/whatever facts about YOU.  I will start.  Here is a pic of me after a yoga teaching event here in Old Street, London a few weeks back:  See the #feeltheyogahigh?



Here are 5 Fun Facts about me.

  1. I talk to myself. My yoga teacher says this is a waste or prana
  2. I answer back. My dad used to say it’s ok to talk to yourself; so long as you don’t answer back. (oops!)
  3. I LOVE making home made soya cappuccinos – but by using a whisk in a saucepan to get the froth! Then I add the best cacao powder I can afford on top! (the cappucino machine broke yonks ago)!
  4. I pretty much have worn pearl earrings every day for years and years – only recently switching to turquoise jewellery which I love. The stone is good for protection from harm and for clear communication and is a talisman for luck, success, ambition and creativity.
  5. I have recently gone back to having natural hair having had it straightened with creams for years. This is my third time going natural and hopefully this time will last.



How about YOU?  Share YOUR 5 FUN/Crazy/Weird/Whatever facts about YOU in the comments!



My India Trip


I had a wonderful trip to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Delhi and Agra – and I just want to be back there right now.  There was lots of yoga, shopping and just soaking up life in technicolour that is India without even trying!  

There were 16 of us in all and it was the most fabulous sojourn.




We practiced on one terrace and meditated early morning on the terrace above.




I feel like the trip has opened my eyes on several things which I want to contemplate over the next few weeks and months.  



First of all, I could hardly get any internet which was a good thing really, because it meant that I had a bit of a digital detox.  And that is good because it’s lovely to ‘come down’ once in a while.  By being off-line for a change I felt like I was alive, living.  Present.  All the things as creatives and yogis’ and entrepreneurs and sensible people we should want to be.  ‘Present’.


On the other hand, I wasn’t expecting the internet not to be working so I brought my laptop with me.  I brought an expensive sleeve the day before to be able to travel with it.  I didn’t let my on-line group know that I wasn’t going to be posting daily (because having asked in advance I was expecting the internet to simply work).  Well there was WIFI.  But this is India.  This is life, we have to roll with what is and accept graciously what life throws at us.  And although wifi was available it was very shaky.  And hardly ever worked.


OK it wasn’t totally internet free.  Every now and then there would be a burst of internet and all us yogini’s would make a dash for our phones.  The talking would stop and everyone would have their faces down and fingers and thumbs tapping. Again.  Like we do in our normal lives.  


Whilst there we celebrated Holi, Festival of colour, Spring Equinox, Full Moon and whilst walking around Rishikesh we walked into my teachers’ lineage ashram that had only open-end that very day!- you could still smell the paint!  and no, I don’t think that any of this is an accident!  

Something Sonia Choquette says come’s to mind – ‘When you get in tune with the universe the universe works with you not against you’.



If you work with me on-line or come to my yoga classes you will know that creating space is one of the things I talk about a lot.  When you create space in your mind and body you are able to see more, feel more and perceive more.  You’re able to be more, do more and have more. 



As an intuitive, creating space is really is important.  When you have space you are able to flow more and able to create much more and feel what is going on.  So that if you are blocked you are able to discern where the blockages are and take steps to unblock yourself.  But when you are packed solid and bombarded with messages and updates and flashing things it’s difficult to really feel into what is going on around you.  


When you have space in your mind and body you can read energy.  Energy within yourself, AND energy around you.  That’s my take on it and that feeling of space that I like to create in every practice I make and class I teach I felt much more whilst I was in India and it is something that I wish to try to cultivate within my life much more now that I am back.  


How about you?  How do you create space in your life?  What are your fave tips and tricks?  

Come to one of my workshops or yoga classes if you are local or connect with me to chat one on one about how you can create space and flow in your life.




P.S. My Full Moon Workshop is on Sunday 24th April 2pm-4pm

Full Moon Vinyasa Yoga Workshop ‘Letting Go’

As women we rarely take the chance to take space for ourselves.  This workshop allows the opportunity to dive deeper into a vinyasa yoga practice whilst working with the energy of the full moon.  This lunar energy brings a chance for us to realise and celebrate our achievements and manifestation and be creative in our flow.

Anatomically we will focus on our hips in this practice, however, as usual the practice will be full spectrum.  

The workshop is being held in exchange for £20 before 9th April and £25 thereafter.  So grab your early bird discount – quick!

Bring your journal for self reflective journalling and also bring your colouring pens because we are going to get creative!

Contact me to secure your space.

Yoga Poses in Autumn


Have to say yoga has been absolutely dreamy these last few week! I’ve been working on bringing an internal fire into the practice to heat up the immune system for this time of year where there is change of weather. The Vata energy is so prevalent right now cold, dry, light and unsettled. Windy.    This is reflected in the physical body as well as in the mind.

The yoga poses in autumn that you can incorporate into your practice are listed below:

Asana Practice

Practice poses such as half-spinal twist, bow, bridge, seated forward bend, shoulder-stand, camel, warrior I, II and III and sun salutations.  These asanas all serve to bring that internal fire which helps to ward off colds and build immunity.


Also, at this time of the year eat warm foods, warm soups, warm teas of fresh ginger and avoid raw veggies and salads.  Apples are good to aid elimination.

I had a bit of an upset tummy last week which lasted a few day and at first I didn’t associate it with the change in season, that is until I had one cup of ginger tea which calmed it right down.  And I remembered the above information.



The yoga practice last week was particularly warming and fire-y.  You might find that you feel dreamy and spaced out after practice.  And with the super moon and moon energy of this week just gone, the practice for this week has been way more famine and yin-based.  You may feel emotional as well as dreamy.   This is fine and all is good.  Take good care, rest and drink plenty of water.






There is no Angry Way to Say Bubbles!

“She turned to the sunlight    And shook-2


There really is no angry way to say bubbles – try it!  

Laughter is so important in life.  Especially when going through rough times.  It’s great to be able to just throw back your head and laugh out loud!  Have you noticed that?  Have you ever been able to find a way to smile through tears for example?  I have.  

Or have you ever been on a crowded tube train – and something catches your amusement and your eyes meet with a fellow passenger and you both smile or even better, laugh?  That feeling of connection can keep you going in feel good land for ages!  That’s probably why situation comedies go down so well – it’s the human factor.

Laughter can be so healing to the soul.  Soothing the rough edges of life and bringing a feeling of refreshment to sore wounds.


Benefits of laughing

Reduces heart disease
Natural pain killer
Improves breathing
Helps you lose weight
Gives good sleep
Decreases stress
Makes you look young
Source : ebjchechecastro


So accordingly, laughter really is the best doctor!  Plus, you know when you have a really good belly laugh?  And you say that you laugh so much that it hurts?  That is really good – because that is when endorphins are released into the body (natural pain and stress relievers).  So, go ahead and LOL as much as you like!

I love that little quote –


Next time you feel some anger coming on – practicing saying this  quote to yourself quietly and see what happens.  

How about you?  What are ways that you use to bring on laughter and get your smile on?   Let me know in the comments below.

\Much love & laughter  xx









Checking-in Mid Year



Ok, so we are past the midpoint check-in for the year.  Have you reviewed your goals yet?  Do you make it a point to check in and review them?  If so, how regularly do you check-in?

What was your word for the year?

Mine was Balanise.  It is a mixture of the words balance and organise.  It’s because that is what I most needed at the start of the year.  It is still what I need & want now.  To balance my working/business and home life.  To create order in every aspect of my life in a balanced and organised way.

Spring – Awakening The New – Detoxify & Cleanse

SIt’s like the World has been asleep and then finally, something stirs and an awakening is taking place. It’s subtle at first, a slight stirring, an unfolding and finally, a bursting through.

Spring is here and everything feels new, fresh and alive with hope. 


There is renewed energy, vigor and determination to get things done.  To move forward.  To make changes in our lives and in our homes.

Clearing Out

But this is also traditionally a time when folks clear out the old first to make way for the new.   It’s a time to let go of what doesn’t work or is no longer needed so that you can make room for new stuff – or just to be able to think more clearly.  This is something that I admit I find difficult to do.  

Just recently my husband and I cleared out 5 large black bags full of stuff from ours and our sons bedroom (most of it was my stuff!)  It’s something I had been meaning to do for ages.  But its taken me awhile to act.  Now that this has been done (and there is still way to go) I’ve noticed that my productivity has gone up and I’ve been able to think more clearly and efficiently.


This season is also a time of detoxification.  Many peeps get colds due to the weather change.  We can help detoxify the digestive system by fasting or cleanses and we can use our yoga practice to help the lymphatic system get rid of wastes. 

Yoga Postures Which Cleanse & Detoxify

 Vinyasa Yoga

This yoga practice is the breath aligned with movement and is a detoxification practice in itself due to its more rigorous and dynamic aspect.

Mariychiasana III – Pose Dedicated to the Sage Marichi

The squeezing motion of the abdomen against the thigh helps to aid digestion and elimination.

Adha Muka Savasana – Downward Facing Dog 

Downward Facing Dog : The elevation of the heart above the head reverses gravity and aids lympth drainage and blood circulation.

Viparita Karani – Legs up the wall 

Abdomen relaxes and stimulation of the digestive organs. 

In my classes, I use a myriad of twists and revolving standing poses.

Check out my Pinterest Board for more yoga poses and inspiration 



If your in London, join me on the 22nd March @ 3pm.  I’ve created a mini retreat for you. It’s a Yoga Workshop called ‘Time & Space’.  It will take care of the YOU time that you crave giving you a glorious 2.5 hours for you to enjoy spending time on your mat; exploring a deeper meaning for time and space.  A vigorous Vinyasa Practice, some chanting, some candles and just a lovely, nurturing experience.

Find out more about the TIME & SPACE WORKSHOP HERE


Create Space For YOU

 Create Space For You


Do you know how you can Create Space for You?  A couple of years back my coach suggested that I take some space for myself.  It was a challenge to even imagine what that would feel like.

In my house, everyone follows me around – from husband, to son to cat!  So as soon as I walk through the door, there’s a trail of people (and animal) behind me!

I’ve since realized I have to put boundaries in place whereby I protect my energy and eek out some much needed space and time for myself.  Make it part of your self-care and self-nurturing routine.

One of the things you can do is create a mini retreat.  It doesn’t have to cost money.  Be creative. You can take a day off and go to a spa or have a sauna.   Then go to a cafe or go back home (when you know no-one else is in) and enjoy a cup of tea all by yourself and read a book or journal or meditate – or whatever YOU feel like doing.

One of the things I did after my coach’s’ challenge was to take myself off to a hotel for a night all by myself.   It was daunting, it was scary – but it was total bliss

The whole weekend I played ‘intuitive detective’ and I tuned into how everything felt before I made any decision.   So much fun!  It was a Friday night. I wondered around the City and decided where I would have dinner –  and I found a really lovely restaurant and had a sumptuous dinner. Then I returned to the hotel,  wrote in my journal, read, watched some TV, meditated and then went to sleep.   I woke very early, used the hotels gym for my own yoga practice and then used the swimming pool and sauna and just floated on my back, staring up at the glass ceilings for hours.

I then took a late breakfast, taking my time to choose the perfect place and spot in the spring sunshine.  Afterwards, I wondered around and found some markets where I could browse to my hearts content.  (If I had been with my husband he would have hated this bit), but being on my own, I was totally free to enjoy the experience.

After years of being a mum, being in a relationship etc., you forget how it feels to spend that much time on your own doing whatever you want to do without having to consider anyone else feelings.

When you learn how to nourish yourself, you need less from your external world because you are filling yourself up from within.  You are making your own self happy and you know the steps to take care of yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally and to take care of your physical body.

I challenge you to create your own mini-retreat!  Create space for yourself, its part of nurturing and taking care of yourself.  

Let me know how creative you can be and share with me in the comments below:


If your in London, join me on the 22nd March @ 3pm.  I’ve created a mini retreat for you. It’s a Yoga Workshop called ‘Time & Space’.  It will take care of the YOU time that you crave giving you a glorious 2.5 hours for you to enjoy spending time on your mat; exploring a deeper meaning for time and space.  A vigorous Vinyasa Practice, some chanting, some candles and just a lovely experience.

Find out more about the TIME & SPACE WORKSHOP HERE


How To Listen To Your Body

If you feel angry and upset and you don’t process those feelings, what can happen is that you internalize those feelings.

Whilst I was on a week’s Yoga retreat recently; I suffered throughout the week with excruciating stomach cramps.  And as much as I was enjoying what I was learning, and LOVING spending time on my mat; I spent an awful lot of time rubbing my rather sore tummy!  On the 4th day, my teacher turned to me and said “who has upset you?”  And then it clicked!  Wow!   

Yes, there had been an upset the day before the  start of the course and I realized that although I had taken the steps I outlined in my previous post about anger; I hadn’t actually PROCESSED and dealt with how I was feeling.  I also hadn’t really spoken with anyone outside my family about my feelings.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.




The stomach is in the middle of our body and is often called the second brain.  This is because the system (called the enteric nervous system or ENS); is loaded with neurons throughout the entire alimentary canal.  This tells me that the stomach has an intelligence all of its own – and we should ignore this to our peril. 

I’ve always had a rather sensitive stomach and digestion. and I know that I really do have to start pay attention to what my body is telling me and listening out for and heeding the signs and symptoms.

How about you?  Do you listen to your body and are aware what your body is telling you?  If you tune in you might notice a pattern in the some of the signs and symptoms?  For example, maybe your eye always dances when there is bad news.  Or, like me, you get a stomach ache when you deal with a difficult person or situation.

You might find that at first you get a sweet whisper, then a nagging sensation; and if you keep ignoring the messages, you can become quite ill – all ways your body tries to get you to slow down and LISTEN.

Yoga is an excellent tool for tuning in and understanding our bodies.  But even with the tools – we can sometimes ignore the signs.


So in 2015, I would like to re-commit to listening in more, loving more and tuning in more to my body.  And when I notice the signs and messages; I aim to do something about it, rather than ignoring it.  

For me, it meant that I needed to talk about how I was feeling rather than bottling it up as I usually do.  

These activities may help you:

  1. Sit quietly and allow yourself to relax
  2. Slow down
  3. Take time to listen to your body’s signals & messages
  4. Practice Yoga
  5. Breathe consiously
  6. Meditate

How about you?  Are you aware of your unique pattern of information that your body gives you?  Do you listen to the signs?  And what action steps would you like to take once you heed the signs & symptoms?   I invite you to share with me in the comments section below:


What to do when you feel really, really angry!


What do you do when you feel really angry?  Like, really, really pee’d off!?  How do you cope with anger?  Especially when your trying to be a spiritual person?

Like when your angry because someone has pushed your buttons – and by the way, families are often the experts on which ones to push!  Do you end up feeling furious, outraged and frustrated?

Christmas & holidays can be especially difficult.  Families get together and old arguments and grudges can flare up.  There’s pressure to spend what you don’t have and force yourself to be having a good time – even when your not really feeling it.

It’s good to know how to stay cool and calm whenever you feel frustrated and angry. 


 The best fighter is never angry.

 Lau Tzu 

I felt like this recently – I got really, really angry!  I knew what I needed to do to calm myself down – but my Ego didn’t want me to go there.   Instead, it wanted me to whine and complain about it – and hold onto that damn craziness!

What we need to do when we feel this type of frustration (and you’ll probably feel resistant to this)….is the very thing you won’t feel like doing!

I decided I would not allow my Ego to win! 

I sat in my meditation space, I lit candles, I meditated and I felt the stress ease away.

These are things that might work for you:

  • Walk away – even if its to excuse yourself and grab a glass of water
  • Pray
  • Meditate
  • Light a candle
  • Sit in a favorite place in your home
  • Pull angel cards for guidance
  • Simply breathe and relax
  • Practice yoga – (see my yoga postures for grounding)

You might find that you feel instantly better.  Then you will be better able to focus and listen-in to what your next steps should be.



How about you?  What do you do when you feel that red mist?  Share with me in the comments below.

 Image Credit : Unsplash

Letting Go + Saying No to Resistance




When I let go of something fairly major in my life recently, it was because of a new found respect and love I’ve found. For myself.  


I had to take a stand, find my back-bone, and speak up.   Not easy if your highly sensitive and a bit of an introvert, like me.  I’ve always found it difficult to speak up for myself.  I had to let go of a situation which just wasn’t working for me.  

To many, in the outside world, my decision didn’t make sense.  Guidance doesn’t often “make sense” in the traditional way.  You  have to take the first step on the ladder and then be open to what is possible.  

Be prepared to say “no” to resistance once you are ready to ‘let go’.

Ask yourself:  Am I closing myself off from something wonderful because I’m refusing to let go of my resistance to change?

It’s resistance when you know in your heart of hearts what you need to do but you find yourself holding on “for the money” or “lifestyle” or “for the piece of paper” or whatever it is.  

Once again, fear gets in the way of love!  

And there will be fear and its honestly quite understandable.

Could you be prepared to say  “yes” though?  Can you say “yes” to something else? Try saying “yes” to FLOW, “yes” to the Universe.  And start saying “yes” to begin to allow yourself to follow your DREAMS!


What are you putting up with that no longer serves you?  How are you with resistance?  And what are your thoughts or tips for dealing with it?  What are you thinking about saying YES to?  Share with me below in the comments!