How You Can Step Into The Void




I feel like I am on a precipice.  There’s a major transformation taking place and I am moving right into it.  I get to step into “The Void”  and feel around in a space of ‘not-knowing’.  Learning, listening and trusting my own guidance system.  And most importantly, finding a new way.

It started when I felt a shift internally (I wrote about that here).  

Shifts always take place internally first.

You have experienced “The Void” too.  It’s when a major change happens in your life and you are out of your comfort zone.  It can take place when there is a death in the family, you become newly single, change or lose a job or your last child leaves home.  The void is never far away from our lives.

In the world, there is so much fear.  The fear I have been feeling lately relates to money.  Will I be poor?  Will I be OK?  But for the most part, its fear of letting go of control.  Ego loves to be in control.  Make stuff happen.  Maybe you are like this too?

Now though, I am aware of a moving into a space of letting go of the need to be in control and instead embracing the feminine and learning to RECEIVE and TRUST.

Can you let go of control?  Can you deal with not knowing?  How do you let go of fear?


What happens when you just breathe?  Consciously.  Take an inhalation and an exhalation?  Take a pause.  What happens?  

For me, I am reminded that between the inhalation and the exhalation there’s a space.  And I’m reminded that ‘stuff’ happens in that special place. This tells me that the space is meant to be there.


How YOU can deal with ‘The Void’?  What’s my Method?

A) Embrace it

B) Breathe


I am so grateful for this space to understand more about myself.  I can exist, create, learn and most of all GROW.   

Yes, there is that duality of happiness and confusion, excitement and fear. But the more you and I can exist with ‘the void’ (because it’s always near-by); the less ‘stuck’ and more ‘in-flow’ you will be.

What do you notice in the space in-between?  Can you accept that there is such a place?  Are you willing to embrace it?  Please let me know your thoughts in the ccomments




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Keep It Simple Series – A Message




Keep it simple is the way to go for me right now.  That’s what a little voice has been whispering in my ear.  


It’s so good to listen to the little voice inside your head but it’s not always easy to trust the Universe and all that it has in store for you.  But I feel that this is what we are being asked to do more and more as we move into an intuitive dimension of our lives.


When I follow my guidance I often hear a word or sentence.  A Sentence that has come up for me recently is Keep It Simple.  So I have listened and put together a little blog series – all about inner game stuff – and keeping it simple  – to 3 simple points!

That is how my guidance often works.  I hear a word or a sentence.  Or a thought pops into my head.  Often this happens when I’m in the shower or immediately upon waking.

I had been doing a lot of running around.  And I was stressed.

So my guidance advised me to slow things down take one thing at a time.  And get back in a Flow.

KISS – Keep It Simple Series starts off with Self Nurture and Self Care.  It’s all about how you can nurture yourself in simple ways whilst going through stressful situations.  Like working a busy job for example.  We need to take care of ourselves first so that we can give back to those we love.

The second post in the series is all about Grounding – why being able to ground yourself is important, and how it feels when you are not grounded.  And ways to get grounded quickly.

Other topics to be covered include – practicing presence, gratitude and grounding yoga postures – coming soon!


What about you? What whispers have been calling out to you lately?  And have you been listening?  


Want to get back into a Flow?  Check out my new coaching package!





Grounding & How to Get Grounded – Kiss – Keep It Simple Series #2

Copy of KISS - Self Nurture (2) (1)

Copy of KISS - Self Nurture (2) (2)


Your feeling anxious or you have lost your keys recently or have found yourself spacing out.   Or perhaps your feeling disconnected, emotional and out of sorts.  You might find that your making mistakes and everything just feels out of kilter.   

You are probably aware that for some reason you have become un-grounded. Don’t worry, this happens to all of us from time to time.  

Why is grounding so important?  Because when your not grounded it doesn’t feel good.  Your stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and down-right fed up!  You appear to be attracting negativity (and you know it)!  It’s also more difficult to connect to your intuition.

Sometimes you go off balance because of a change in your circumstances at home or at work.   It doesn’t have to be a big thing that throws you off balance it could be something small that just tips you over the edge.

When you become unbalanced in this way, it is important to recognize the signs so that you can bring yourself back into harmony.  The stresses might still be there; but you have the strength and tools to handle it better.

Being grounded is all to do with our root chakra which is associated with our survival and basic needs such as food and shelter.  So we need for our foundation to feel secure so that we can remain in balance.

So how can I get grounded? I hear you ask:  


When it comes to grounding try these 3 simple tools:

1.Instant Grounding 

Breathe : Place both feet on the ground about hip width apart.  Close your eyes.  Feel your connection to the Earth and take some deep inhalations/exhalations through your nose.  You can do this anywhere and anytime that you need to get instant ‘groundification’!  I usually try to take between 3 and 10 deep, slow breaths.   Simple but effective.    

I have so many other breathing & meditation exercises I could give you –  including ones that can alleviate profound stress. 

Being in Nature : Walking; even if it is a quick walk in your garden helps clear negativity and get you grounded.  If you are working within the energy field as a healer or coach, a quick walk between clients is good way to clear energy.  If you are in the City, go for a walk at lunch time, perhaps there is a local park or a spot of greenery somewhere.

Crystals : – good grounding crystals are : red jasper, black obsidian, clear quartz, citrine, tigers-eye and garnet among others…..try and slip one of these babies in your handbag so that there always on hand for a “quick feel” whenever you need them for extra grounding strength. 

Red:  The colour of the root chakra which is all to do with grounding and our foundation and survival.  Throw a red cardigan on or wear red underwear or paint your nails red.  This one is strangely simple – but I have found seriously effective.

2.  When you have more time

Epsom Salt Bath : Epson salt baths with lavender can clear your aura and wash off negativity at the end of a long day.  Bringing you back to yourself.

Being in your body : Movement, Yoga, Pilates, Dancing – anything where you can move your body and gain the connection of your body and mind.  More in my next ‘KISS – Keep it Simple Series’ #3 post – it’s all about grounding yoga poses – stay tuned!

3. Meditation

Sitting in stillness for 5-10 minutes daily.  Longer is better when you can. You can listen to guided meditations or just sit in stillness and pay attention to  your breath.  Whenever your mind wonders bring your attention back to your breath.  

Grounding Cord :  After spending time on my breath, I visualize that I am putting down an anchor through the floor, deep into the ground from my root chakra, down through my legs and feet and then through the floor into the center of the earth.  This ‘grounding cord’ visualisation works wonders for me.  I literally feel a sense of rootedness to the earth which feels un-shakeable.

Call your energy back:  This is a good exercise to practice – Try not leaving your energy everywhere.  We do this all the time whilst talking to people, perhaps complaining about your boss or unfair work conditions – call your energy back into you.  Imagine a golden sun above your head  – draw the energy down.  Down all the way through to your grounding cord.  Feel the connection to the earth and feel the energy from your golden sun pouring into you and moving through you into the Earths core.    

How about you?  What are your favorite ways to ground yourself and your energy?  Please let me know in the comments below:




This is the 2nd of a 5-part ‘Keep It Simple Series’;  Where I write about topics that uplift, inspire and support you in your ‘inner-game ‘.  Always keeping it simple and to 3 succinct points.  You can read the first post in the series about self-care and self-nurturing here.

Keep It Simple Series #1 – Self-Nurture : Quick & Simple self-nurturing tips whilst dealing with stress

KISS - Self Nurture (1)


Are you stressed, busy, anxious or overwhelmed?  Or is worry (unfortunately) your ‘thing’?


Does your job have you so tense that your neck, back or shoulders are rigid and stiff from the way you’ve been holding yourself?  Or are you suffering from headaches or breakouts?

Perhaps your constantly running around after small children with little or no reprieve?

If so, chances are you’re not taking the time to self-care and for nurturing yourself. 

I know, I know, everyone is talking about self-nurture.  But you really need to put YOU at the top of your list so that you can cope with the demands and pace of modern life.  Only then can you have the energy and love to give your best self to others.


When you are constantly stressed it can mean that the body is running on adrenaline which means you might be suffering from adrenal fatigue.  This is what has been happening to me recently, and to so many other women I have been speaking with.  


Self-nurture doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

I like to keep things simple : 

This is the first of a 5-part Keep It Simple Series, I am going to be writing about topics that uplift, inspire and support you in your ‘inner-game ‘.  Always keeping it simple and to 3 succinct points.

1. Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep?  I am really working on this one myself.  Do you wake up feeling tired and groggy?  Proper rest gives the body time to replenish itself.   I read recently that according to the NHS, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, infections and obesity are linked to lack of sleep.

  • Go  to bed at a decent time.  Try half an hour earlier.  Break this down if its difficult, try 15 minutes earlier the first night and then gradually increase.
  • Take a nap if you can (chance will be a fine thing I hear you say!)
  • Reading a few pages from a book can help you doze off into a natural slumber.
  • Try a cup of chamomile tea before bed
  • Switch the TV off earlier


2.  Be Your Own Best Friend        

  • Talk to yourself kindly – I sometimes say stuff like “I’m so stupid” – and then I catch myself.  Maybe you do this too.  Of course, we would never say things like that to a friend – so lets not do it to ourselves.
  • Meditate or prey – this calms the mind and creates space.
  • Have a “I can do it” attitude and defy limiting beliefs.  Contact me for a free copy of my limiting belief buster.
  • Be creative – draw or colour-in – try adult colouring books – great fun!
  • Journal – its helps clear your mind of worry and its a great way to listen to your intuitive self.
  • Keep a heart-list – I’ve written about a heart-list here:
  • Treat yourself often – maybe once a week – whatever works for you.  Could be anything from :
      • buy yourself fresh flowers once a week (I do this one – gives me so much pleasure when I see them!)
      • attend a weekly yoga or Pilates class.
      • Treat yourself to a professional massage
      • Have a mani-pedi
      • Go to a Spa or simply create your own home spa experience
      • Make an appointment at the hairdressers
      • if your a mum, or looking after elderly parents – arrange to get cover regularly – and take yourself off to the pictures or out for a coffee or for a 20 minute walk.


 3.  Alternative Help

Obviously, this series is all about keeping it simple, and sometimes outside help can be expensive – but when you factor in the cost to your health and wellbeing of staying in a constant state of stress long-term – well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.  I would suggest getting some outside help as soon as possible rather than trying to deal with it all yourself.


Acupuncture – I have only recently found out just how wonderful acupuncture is for stress and it’s particularly helpful for overworked adrenals.

Nutritionist – if you are stressed, chances are you are not eating properly or the right foods.  Your body maybe craving foods that are not good for you.  Or food allergies and sensitives maybe playing up.

Life Coach  – corny, I know right?  But the thing is this – nothing beats talking stuff out and working together to get solutions, action steps and tools to improve your situation.  If nothing else, having someone who is a loving cheerleader and is on your side but at the same time objective is incredibly supportive.

Shamanic Healing – I love me some shamanic healing.  For me, there is nothing like it to bring the self back into the body.

Yoga – helps with stress release and stress management no end!  By focusing the mind for that 60 minutes on getting into and out of poses and synchronizing your movements with the breath – its a beautiful way to calm and still the mind, get grounded and focused on the inside.



Lavender Essential Oil – Lavender oil its incredibly versatile.  It has soothing properties that can help you to relax and you can use it to aid sleep – but there are LOTS of other uses too:  (here are just a few) :

    • Sleep aid – 2/3 drops on your pillow at night before you go to sleep
  • Calming – put 2/3 drops in your palms then inhale through your nose
  • Mood Enhancer – 2/3 drops in a bath can be relaxing as well as improving the way you feel.
  • Massage – 2/3 drops added into a carrier oil and massage away
  • Skin – cuts/grazes/scars – its antibacterial so dab straight onto the affected area.  Also good for dry, chapped skin.


Now it’s your turn:  Let me know in the comments  your self-nurturing tips. What do you do to take care of yourself?  Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything expensive – keep it simple!  I would love to hear from you.


The 2 Best Friends of Limiting Beliefs!



You may not have heard the term ‘limiting beliefs’ but your probably familiar with the concept.  Limiting Beliefs stop you from achieving dreams and goals and doing the things that you really want to do.  

What usually happens is an idea pop’s into your head (seemingly from nowhere) [that’s usually your intuition by the way] and for a moment the possibility for something wonderful comes into your existence.   For a split second, you get all starry-eyed, joyful and smiley.  You feel at peace and at One.  Somehow you know that this possibility is right for you, although you don’t necessarily understand why.  Then suddenly, a different thought takes place.  


Inner Critic – No.1 Best Friend

You have a voice inside you – your inner critic.  The inner critic is always there and it belongs with Ego.  It usually works negatively – and it throws out comments such as; “I’m too old” or “I can’t do that” or “I’m not good enough”.  You decide to listen to your inner critic and the limiting belief (that your too old, or being silly), or whatever, is formed.   

Being aware when a Limiting Belief pops up and naming it can take away some of its power. 

Go a step further and write the Limiting Belief down on paper.  This can bring awareness like you wouldn’t believe!   

I like to think that this method allows your left brain to really see the limiting belief for the falsity it is and the right brain to become creative in overcoming the challenge.  


Procrastination – No. 2 Best Friend

Once you become aware of your limiting beliefs, and start shooting down your inner critic.  You might want to take note of procrastination tendencies that will come up for you.   You know what you want to do and you decide you’re going to do it.  Then you find yourself saying “I will do it but next month” or “after Christmas” (or some other excuse).  When I notice that I am procrastinating, I first call it out and then I decide to take a small step to move me through it.  For example, I might send an email or ask a question on a forum so that I can move myself towards my goal rather than just remaining stuck.  

Its amazing how limiting beliefs, listening to our inner critic and procrastination can keep us stuck.  But awareness can bring us out of stuckness so that we can do something about it.  

 In developing the Limiting Belief Buster; I wanted to create a tool which would be useful.  It started off as a tool that my clients could utilise for homework; but I then decided to develop it further to include to become more holistic and include some self-reflection.  It allows you to first of all notice the limiting beliefs that you’re having.  Write them down on paper and look at them.  See them for the silly beliefs they quite often actually are.  Then one can start affirming the opposite of those beliefs and most importantly, do something about it.     

 By the way, in the Limiting Belief Buster Workbook you get to create your own personal affirmations – which I believe make them easier for you to remember.  

However, just saying affirmations isn’t enough.  Take action towards something you desire.   



This is the really empowering bit.  Which is why I included it in the Limiting Belief Buster.  This is also where working with a coach can be super powerful.  You feel obliged to take consistent action steps towards your goals whilst providing accountability to your coach.    



I remember when I was thinking about changing my job.  It was all up in my head…what should I do?  How was this all going to work out? etc.  However, once I got clear and worked through my Limiting Beliefs about it.  I felt empowered and understood that I could give myself permission to DO SOMETHING about my situation.   And I was able to clearly see what I had to do.   

Then when I got to the bit where I had to take a simple action step that very week towards my goal.   I realised I could simply update my CV!  Fancy obsessing about changing jobs for weeks, but something as small as updating my CV hadn’t been done!  Sometimes its that easy!  [And why should it be hard?]  Get clear on your beliefs, your goals and understand that you can take a tiny step and start moving in your life, towards a happier more joyful place.  (I got the very next role I applied for by the way)!    

Transformation can be about making small steady steps at one’s own pace.  It doesn’t always have to be huge.  Although it sometimes is really deep soul stuff – and I absolutely LOVE that too!  

The Limiting Beliefs Buster  Workbook enables you to get a taste of how I work.  And of course, if you want to dive in deeper with your transformation you can schedule a free discovery session with me to chat about your goals or what you would like to work on/get clarity on and we can and go from there.  


And kick these two ‘frenemies’ to the curb!   


Download your copy of the Limiting Belief Buster below and you will also receive my monthly Newsletter with free updates and info.    And if I can be of service to you – I will!  How’s that?


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Happy + 7 Tips To Get Happy Quick!



See my Happy + 7 Tips to get happy Quick!  Who hasn’t fallen in love with the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams?  The song and dance moves are popular all around the world!

My husband bought the song to my attention a few months back and I loved it; immediately sensing the spiritual sentiment of the song.  Have you noticed there are quite a few pop songs with positive messages lately?  I sense a spiritual revolution coming on!



Happiness is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as ‘feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.’


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”.  Mahatma Ghandhi.


Being happy though is a feeling that is on the inside.   Looking for happiness externally is illusion as it usually involves controlling another person or situation.  We look for more money, that special someone, to lose weight or get that fabulous job.  And believe that these things will bring about happiness.  But they cannot bring about long-term happiness according to spiritual law.  Because that kind of control is ego based.

Finding happiness within is a case of tuning into your own happiness vibration.   Look within to a place inside to FEEL happy.  And cultivate your thoughts, your behaviors and your intentional practices.

Remember, we are all made up of energy.  Vibrating atoms consisting of protons, neurons and electrons.  Why is it you can be happy one moment and then sad the next?  Sometimes its because you are picking up on another’s vibrations.  Although, it could be your vibe too so always check-in. 

Another craze is ‘100 Happy Days’ where individuals find something that brings them small doses of ‘Happy’ for 100 days in a row and post a daily picture on social media with the #100HappyDays. I guess the intention is to bring awareness to and raise and spread the happy vibe. 

The thing is when you tune up and raise your vibration you get to pass on ‘the happy’ to someone else.  In this way you can change the World and start a Happy Revolution.

What makes you happy?  Let me know in the comments.  See my 7 tips to Get Happy Quick!


7 Tips to Get Happy Quick


  1. Take 5 minutes of stillness.  Sit quietly.  Take some deep inhalations through the nose and exhale the air out of your open mouth; make the sound Ahh.  Do this a few times.  Tune-in to a calm place inside yourself.  Quieting the mind raises your vibrations and can bring about the feeling of happiness on the inside.  Feel into that space and cultivate those feelings of happiness for yourself.
  2. Be Present.  The past has gone and the future is not here yet.  Being aware that you are in present moment is a super important habit to develop.  You can tap your legs or ping an elastic band around your wrist every so often to remind yourself to be present.  Practice becoming aware when you are future tripping or in the past and then bring yourself back to now.
  3. Expect the Best.  Be open to the Universe supplying you tons of goodness every day. Expect the best from every situation.  Expect to find a parking space when you next need one.  Expect to have a great day or a fantastic outcome to a problem that has been foxing you.
  4. Music.  Listening to music can raise the vibration and increase feelings of happiness and well-being.  Create a happy playlist on your iphone/ipad.
  5. Dancing.  In homeopathy there is a remedy  called “Sepia”.  The remedy was oft indicated when a woman with certain symptoms “felt better upon going out dancing”.  The thing is, dancing is a way for your spirit inside to move your body.  Close your eyes so that your not self-conscious and move your body to some beautiful, uplifting music.  Allow YOUR SPIRIT inside to move YOU. 
  6. Ritual.  Having a ritual that you love can make you feel at ease and comfortable.  Which in turn brings you happiness.  For example, on weekends I love to listen to the radio and have it playing pretty much 24/7 in the background.  I find comfort in listening to the same radio shows each week.  It probably brings back childhood memories as mum always had the radio playing in the kitchen, listening to her talk shows.
  7. Heart-list.  Keep a list of your loves.  Write a list of 20 things you love to do.  Do them as much as you can.  I have written about a heart-list here. 


What about you?  What rituals do you love?  As you can see, these are all simple steps you can introduce right away.  And they don’t necessarily cost any money.

Now as Pharrell says;  “clap along if you feel like a room without a roof”! 

I would love for you to share what’s on your happy play-list below in the comments!


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Introversion has become cool on-line but what about the real world?





This is a guest post I wrote for the Business of Introverts website.  Kathryn, the founder is a fellow introvert who is embracing introversion in all its glory.  She is doing loads for the introverted community via her website and blog.

It feels like everywhere in blogosphere people are talking about being introverted.  Right now, it is hip and fun to be an introvert.  Introverts are connecting with each other on-line, joining Facebook groups, networking and logging into forums etc.  It is a wonderful breath of fresh air to finally discover that you are not alone in the world – or weird!  

You can read the rest of the post here






What happens when we use SMOG thinking?  When we are constantly saying we should do this or that?  When we feel that we should phone mum every day.  Or we ought to keep in touch with our siblings or we have got to stay friends with someone (even if that person makes us feel bad every-time we meet up.) 

How does it make you feel when you use SMOG thinking? Obligated? Tied-down? Controlled?

When we say should – what are the beliefs behind it?  What are the rules and guidelines that are governing our lives?  It’s important to stop and think about this.

Question yourself.  In what way are you choosing to use SMOG thinking in your daily life?  Where & when are you ‘shoulding’ on yourself?  Likewise in what ways are you choosing to limit yourself by this thinking?

Of course, there are times that it is perfectly relevant to choose to use these words.  For example:-

  • When there is a legal obligation it may be relevant to use the word must , i.e.“All stores must give a cooling off period of 8 days”. 
  • Or we may use the word ought to express a view that something is the right thing to do because it is morally correct or polite i.e. “you ought to say thank you upon being given a gift or compliment”. 
  • Should can be used to ask for suggestions example, “Do you recommend I do these poses myself? or should I consult with a qualified instructor?

However, I am talking about when we are ‘shoulding’ on ourselves in an unfair way.  This is when there is an implied criticism or judgement about ourselves left unsaid.  It’s where we make ourselves bad or wrong because perhaps we really want to do the opposite to that which we feel we should or ought to do.  Are we really bad or wrong?  No we are not.  We are actually all beautiful, perfect, whole and complete.

We might like to choose to use words such as “I would like to” or “I choose to” or “I will”.  With these words we feel more at choice and more in control.  We are in a position to take our power back.  These words generally tends to make us feel better about ourselves.  Choosing words that put us in a place of love rather than fear increases our self-confidence, self-reliance and self-esteem.  Remember, words have power. 

When you say should, check-in with whether it is coming from the heart or whether it is coming from an external place.  Is your SMOG thinking coming from love or fear?  If fear, then what are you afraid of?  If it is fear, what is the limiting belief behind this thought?  If it’s from a place of love then that is ok.  

If you enjoyed this content, you might like to sign up for my E-Book (It’s free) …it’s called “Limiting Belief Buster” and it’s all about busting out those limiting beliefs in a totally holistic and fun way!  Also includes 73 beautiful affirmations for inspiration.  So sign up to my newsletter to grab a copy!

Support is Key



Support is key in achieving our goals and dreams. 

This is why having likeminded peeps around you is so important.  Whether they be family, friends, a coach or mentor.  The thing to bear in mind is that it is not always that our best support comes from those closest to us.


Where do you get your support from in terms of your big goals or dreams?  It’s worth identifying who gives you the support you need.  If you haven’t got a support network for your dream, then take steps to change this.


Look around you.  Who can you go to when you want to share your big dreams?  Take a few moments to think about this.  If you haven’t got a family member or trusty friend who can really back you, hire yourself a coach or connect with a group or network. 


I remember years ago my coach at the time saying to me “you give lots of support to your family and friends.  Now tell me, who do you go to for support?”  Well,  there was the biggest silence ever!  I simply hadn’t noticed that I didn’t have anyone like this in my life at that time – and I literally couldn’t answer!

For me, having a coach work with me 1:1 has been an essential component in bringing my big dreams to life whilst also enabling me to achieve my goals.  It also means I get to feel really supported along the way.  


Even if you are already working with a coach; attending a group or circle is an additional powerful way in which you can gain excellent support for your goals.  The group or circle hold the space for you to not only share your goals but also to give voice to them.  Once you can give voice to your goals in a safe environment then the universe will conspire to bring to you what it is that you wish to manifest.  This is where the Law of Attraction comes into its own.  There is power in being able to state out loud to a group of people your “I am” statement (powerful statement attached to positive affirmations) for example “I am changing the lives of thousands of people in a profound and positive way.”


So wherever you are with your big dreams – remember – support is key in enabling you to achieve them.

Please let me know in the comments how you get supported.




Signs & Symptoms of Introversion



Are you an introvert?  How do you know how to look out for the signs and symptoms of introversion?  

I attended a women’s circle and heard a few of the women’s stories (always loved women’s stories) and I began to resonate very warmly with quite a few of them.  Many of the women said that they were introverted.  Hold on, why was this resonating with me?  Was I really an introvert?   Are you? 


 Mmm – the Signs and Symptoms are there…

Hearing other ladies describe themselves as introverted made me realize I have a tendency towards this also.  Its interesting cos I realize that maybe now I can embrace this side of me and not push it away.  Its like the realization that I am a bit different.  I have always been a bit of a hippy – and always loved being around hippy type people – probably why I went to India and studied yoga.   

In many offices I have worked in over the years, I have often sought out a room to practice yoga or to meditate or just sit in (often offices will have a prayer room); I also like to have at least 2 to 3 lunch breaks a week on my own where I can take a walk and then find a nice quiet coffee shop where I can have a luxurious read (& maybe a soya cappuccino; extra hot, 1 shot).  I have always relished these moments, without really knowing the reason whyWhich is that introverted people tend to crave moments when they can be on their own so that they can recharge and re-energise.

Other Signs of Introversion

I’ve never really liked small talk with people either.  I would much rather have a real connection with someone – you know, when you actually really talk and actually just get where each other is coming from.

Also, I’ve never been a real quick thinker with the ability to quickly fire off an answer (like extroverts tend to do); I used to kick myself a bit because of this until I started to embrace my quietness and introversion.  Ok I was different from a load of people.  But I was me.  I started to realise that I had my own quiet strength.  And quiet strength has value too.

Home Life

Both my husband and I love spending time at home as well.  Too many evenings out just feel stressful to us and we have the need to be back home (I reckon he is an introvert too)!

I’ve never cared to stay out for weekends or overnight with friends or even family.  I would much rather be in the comfort of my own home.  Whereas growing up (and even now) my sisters were the opposite and would quite enjoy the change of scene.  They couldn’t understand why I didn’t feel the same….and to be honest neither did I.  Until now….. 


Susan Cain’s book Quiet : The Power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking, is amazing; for me, it was like understanding there are two types of people in this world – introverts and extroverts – and a load more things began to make sense. 

It made me realise that there were loads more introverted, quiet people out there.  And reinforced the fact that quiet people could remain quiet and still be powerful.  Having a name for it helps in a way.  I used to meet people who I got on with and in my head I would go – “oh she’s normal”.  I would know what I meant inside.  I meant that I could resonate with that person much more as they weren’t extroverted.  Don’t get me wrong, extroverts are great!  Often funny and quick-witted and often keep things moving along in a group or party.  I also think that we all pop out occasionally and have extrovert tendencies (if we are usually introverted and vice versa);  But I can’t maintain extroversion because it’s not my natural way and doesn’t fit it with my core values.

I LOVE this article from the Huffington Post – 23 Signs You’re Secretly An Introvert. 

Let me know if any of this or the 23 Signs resonate with you.

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