My India Trip


I had a wonderful trip to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Delhi and Agra – and I just want to be back there right now.  There was lots of yoga, shopping and just soaking up life in technicolour that is India without even trying!  

There were 16 of us in all and it was the most fabulous sojourn.




We practiced on one terrace and meditated early morning on the terrace above.




I feel like the trip has opened my eyes on several things which I want to contemplate over the next few weeks and months.  



First of all, I could hardly get any internet which was a good thing really, because it meant that I had a bit of a digital detox.  And that is good because it’s lovely to ‘come down’ once in a while.  By being off-line for a change I felt like I was alive, living.  Present.  All the things as creatives and yogis’ and entrepreneurs and sensible people we should want to be.  ‘Present’.


On the other hand, I wasn’t expecting the internet not to be working so I brought my laptop with me.  I brought an expensive sleeve the day before to be able to travel with it.  I didn’t let my on-line group know that I wasn’t going to be posting daily (because having asked in advance I was expecting the internet to simply work).  Well there was WIFI.  But this is India.  This is life, we have to roll with what is and accept graciously what life throws at us.  And although wifi was available it was very shaky.  And hardly ever worked.


OK it wasn’t totally internet free.  Every now and then there would be a burst of internet and all us yogini’s would make a dash for our phones.  The talking would stop and everyone would have their faces down and fingers and thumbs tapping. Again.  Like we do in our normal lives.  


Whilst there we celebrated Holi, Festival of colour, Spring Equinox, Full Moon and whilst walking around Rishikesh we walked into my teachers’ lineage ashram that had only open-end that very day!- you could still smell the paint!  and no, I don’t think that any of this is an accident!  

Something Sonia Choquette says come’s to mind – ‘When you get in tune with the universe the universe works with you not against you’.



If you work with me on-line or come to my yoga classes you will know that creating space is one of the things I talk about a lot.  When you create space in your mind and body you are able to see more, feel more and perceive more.  You’re able to be more, do more and have more. 



As an intuitive, creating space is really is important.  When you have space you are able to flow more and able to create much more and feel what is going on.  So that if you are blocked you are able to discern where the blockages are and take steps to unblock yourself.  But when you are packed solid and bombarded with messages and updates and flashing things it’s difficult to really feel into what is going on around you.  


When you have space in your mind and body you can read energy.  Energy within yourself, AND energy around you.  That’s my take on it and that feeling of space that I like to create in every practice I make and class I teach I felt much more whilst I was in India and it is something that I wish to try to cultivate within my life much more now that I am back.  


How about you?  How do you create space in your life?  What are your fave tips and tricks?  

Come to one of my workshops or yoga classes if you are local or connect with me to chat one on one about how you can create space and flow in your life.




P.S. My Full Moon Workshop is on Sunday 24th April 2pm-4pm

Full Moon Vinyasa Yoga Workshop ‘Letting Go’

As women we rarely take the chance to take space for ourselves.  This workshop allows the opportunity to dive deeper into a vinyasa yoga practice whilst working with the energy of the full moon.  This lunar energy brings a chance for us to realise and celebrate our achievements and manifestation and be creative in our flow.

Anatomically we will focus on our hips in this practice, however, as usual the practice will be full spectrum.  

The workshop is being held in exchange for £20 before 9th April and £25 thereafter.  So grab your early bird discount – quick!

Bring your journal for self reflective journalling and also bring your colouring pens because we are going to get creative!

Contact me to secure your space.

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