Divine Savasana





Do you want to feel calm, centred and ready for anything?  Savasana (corpse pose) is the ultimate in relaxation.  


Savasana is restorative, calming and allows the body to recover  after yoga or other exercise practice and also allows the muscles to relax.


This Divine Savasana recording is ideal to use to unwind after a long, stressful day at work.



Savasana is practiced at the end of a yoga class (the physical asanas or postures).  Said to be the most difficult asana (yoga pose) to achieve.  This is because to lie in stillness and relax consciously (it’s not about falling asleep); is not as easy as it may sound!  


Divine Savasana is a full talk through savasana, that goes through your entire body allowing you to alternately relax each and every part of you.  From your toes all the way up to the hairs on your head.


Savasana like this is rarely taught in class these days.  You only really get it at special workshops (if your lucky!)


Now you can listen whenever you want!


This is for you if  you want to nourish yourself and give your body the rest and relaxation it needs in todays hectic life.  Also great if you practice yoga or other exercise but tend to skip relaxation at the end (you really shouldn’t); use this full body Divine Savasana to completely relax and lose yourself in bliss! 


You can also use Divine Savasana to help you sleep if you choose to – why not?   


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What Do You Get?

– An MP3 audio recording, playable across all devices which you can download to your phone, or computer & play whenever you want.  Beautiful music in the background. Full preparation instructions before the practice to gently guide you into bliss!


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