Follow Your Heart (in a grounded and practical way)

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.-2



So recently I wrote about knowing your big why and how I find ‘following the flow’ helps me to move out of a funk and know what direction to go in.

And then you haven’t heard from me.

Well the reason is because I listened to my guidance.  And I was advised to rest. I have been tired; really tired and keeping on going wasn’t working for me.  So I tuned in to see what I needed to do.  All I was given was one word (that’s often how intuition works).  That word was ‘rest’.  So I took a bit of a break from the laptop and just took my foot off the accelerator a bit.  I retreated inwards.  Stopped asking for external input.  Trusted myself.

So I had a Sunday where I bought the paper, read through it and (almost) snoozed on the sofa.  I spent a bit of time actually looking into my families eyes when they spoke and practiced being present for them.   (As opposed to peering at them over the laptop).   In fact, I kept away from the laptop mostly.  Then on  my way to a yoga class that week; my eyes caught on a tube station right near the end of the Central Line.


Theydon Bois in Epping 

Many years ago I read a novel (crime fiction) where the main character was always hanging around Theydon Bois.  And for some strange reason I had always wanted to go there and just take a look around. (Not because of the crime bit you understand)   Have you ever had that?  (You know when you see a station at the end of a line everyday and you always wonder what’s it like there?)  Anyway, I decided right there and then that after class I would return via the central line – pass my stop and continue onto Theydon Bois. Because I could.


Grounded Way to Look at Following Your Heart

I am writing about this because this is a real life, grounded way that you can follow your heart.  It’s the simple things.  It doesn’t have to be anything huge and life changing.  It can be as simple as doing something different that takes you out of your normal routine.  Nothing ground breaking happened when I was in Theydon Bois.  It was nice.  It was peaceful.  It was villagy.  I saw some horses and some greenery.  I sat at a cafe outside in the sunshine and I bought a coffee and pastry.  I read a little, relaxed and breathed.  When I came home I felt satisfied and refreshed.
















After refreshment comes clarity & creativity

After refreshment of mind, comes clarity and ease.  A few days later and I am feeling more aligned, more alert, more ready.  People, ideas, help and assistance and circumstances have landed directly on my lap.


Now some of those people and circumstances were already there.  It’s the ability to SEE it and ACT on it.  That is what comes from  listening to your guidance and following your heart and creating space.


How do you listen to your guidance and follow your heart?  Let me know in the comments.

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With Big love,






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    The thing that makes listening to my guidance and following my heart easy, is my awesome husband. He is so supportive of giving me space to do whatever it is that I feel guided to do. I’ve spent money on all kinds of endeavors that I got excited about and they haven’t always panned out. Once I flew all the way across the country to San Diego to attend a 5 day conference for a company that sold a nutritional product. I put a lot of time and money into it, but all I got back was realizing that I wasn’t cut out for multi-level marketing. He never said a word. Also, I am very good at listening to my body and honoring it’s requests. I say, good for you Rosemarie for listening to your body and resting when it was the right thing to do!!


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      Oh Ildi – your husband sounds amazing! Such a beautiful thing when you did all that stuff and went to San Diego – but when you came back “he never said a word”. I love that – much better than the “I told you so modality”. Thanks very much for these comments!


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