I get the same feeling with gardening as I do as when I am baking.

It’s just lovely and silent and peaceful and I can get carried away out there.  I find that I just completely relax and my breathing slows down whilst I am out in nature.  First of all, I can’t talk to myself because I am outside (can’t risk my neighbours wondering who the hell I am talking to! (oops I’ve just let out a little secret there ..I  talk to myself he he!).  So I am able to quiet the mind.  A form of moving meditation if you like.

I suppose I’m an outside person at heart but the good thing about the garden is you don’t have to go too far from home – great if you are a bit of an introverted person or home person like me.

Being outdoors, feeding and watering the plants, caring for them, moving them to larger pots, snipping them; watching then grow and develop.  Beautiful buds appearing seemingly out of nowhere.  Flowers blossoming and surprising you with their breath-taking beauty.




Thinking about the qualities of the plants, which ones prefer sun, which shade etc.  It’s just therapeutic for me.  Like a moving meditation.  And it’s grounding feeling the earth between your fingers.

Then, in the summer months, come the butterflies, fluttering and dancing over the flowers, as well as the bees and wasps buzzing around.  The mini-beasts are actually the reason my husband and son don’t go in the garden much – oh well more wonderful peace time for me!

How about you – what moving meditation rituals work for you?

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