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Create a list of at least 20 things that you love to do.  I got this idea from Sonia Choquette in her book “Your Hearts Desire”.  Write the list in your journal.  Or put the list up on your wall in your bedroom, or on the inside of a kitchen cupboard.


Once you have the list start doing things on your list.  When we do things that we love; we feel in the flow.  We feel happy and joyful.  This raises our vibration.  With a raised vibration we attract more abundance, prosperity and just general good stuff to ourselves.


On my list is baking, gardening, reading self-development/spiritual books.  Practicing yoga, having a nice relaxing bath.  What do you love to do?


If I feel down – I go do something that’s on my list.  Try to do things on your heart list as often as possible.  Every day try to squeeze something in to get you to that place.  That sweet spot.


This is all about raising your vibe, because you feel happier, calmer and more loving which in turn brings you to a higher frequency on the energy plane.  When you are vibrating at a higher frequency you become more empowered with a better ability to speak from your authentic self and attract what you want.


What about you?  What things do you like to do that you could put on your heart-list?   Let me know in the comments below:

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