Holding Space

misty road

Being present.  Being in the now.  Taking space.  Holding space.  Just being.

Not easy, especially for me.  The thing is I’ve come to realise that I’m so very sensitive that when I’m speaking – I spend time thinking and wondering what the other person is thinking about.  I’m so busy watching their facial expressions and interpreting them (often wrongly) and thinking that the other person is judging me or thinking this or that – so I get confused and lost in my own ‘madness’ really.

misty road

But lately I’ve started to practice holding space.  It’s about standing there.  In your own power.  And Being.  It’s like I’m here.  Yes – I said that.  I think that.  That’s my opinion and if the other person wrinkles their nose – well their nose could be itching!  That’s all.  And me not worrying about it and not interpreting it in any way at all.

That’s when you realise that it’s ok to stand in your own space.  It’s ok to have boundaries.  I am over here and you are over there.  That’s it.

Why don’t you try it?  When you are speaking to someone.  Stand or sit up tall.  Take some deep breaths in and out.  Hold space.  Be fully present.  Listen attentively.  Really SEE the other person.  Take in what is around you in the room.  Be alert and give the other person your full attention.  Pause before you speak.  Hold yourself in your power.

It won’t be easy.  You have to make an effort to continue to practice this.  Let me know how you get on by commenting below.

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