How Completing 3 MIT’s (Most Important Task’s Lists) Can Be So Productive For You!

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Are you constantly struggling with your To Do List in you life, work or business?

Have you heard of  the 3 MIT list? (3 Most Important Tasks)?

Its not a new concept.  I’ve known about if for awhile but it appears that simple sometimes appears too simple!  Which is silly really because it WORKS!

So have you been struggling with a massive long to do list and then getting frustrated when at the end of the day, you haven’t been able to complete your list of 1000 things!?  

Lately, I’ve started using 3 MITS technique and I’ve come to realize that it’s bloom-en brilliant!

How does it work?

Basically, you note down the 3 most important tasks that you want to accomplish that day.  This doesn’t mean that you ignore all your other tasks.  You simply prioritize your top 3 tasks.  I usually place these at the top of my journal page or planner.  

Okay, I know your list is a hundred things long each day, but realistically – are you going to achieve all of them in 24 hours?  So you can still keep your longer list if you like but whatever you do, ensure that you have your 3 most important tasks at the top of your list.

Work your damnedest to get your 3 most important tasks completed first before you work on anything else – and if you get your top 3 priorities completed – anything else is a bonus!  Genius!

Since, I’ve started implementing my 3 MIT, I’ve felt less stressed, enjoyed more productivity, and felt more balanced.


Sometimes we know about tips, tricks or strategies but we don’t implement them.  How are you going to implement this technique into your life, work or biz?

Share with me in the below comments section.  I would love to hear from you!



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