How to Stay Centered During the Holiday Season



Whatever your beliefs, Christmas is a time of year that’s usually pretty crazy and stressful.  It’s a time when families get together and old resentments and arguments can flare up.

You might find that your dreading the whole season – let alone ‘the big day’!  It’s therefore good to have some supportive measures to help you stay centered during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.



Here are my fave tips for staying centred


Don’t bottle Stuff Up

When angry feelings comes up, it is better to let it out and deal with it.  It only hurts you in the end if you continually bottle stuff up.  Speak out about how you are feeling if it is hurting you.  Choose your moment (not necessary Christmas day!).  Think about what you want to say and practice it if necessary.  Then speak in a calm manner about how you feel.  If you are speaking from your heart you can’t go wrong.  

Remember:  If you need to create boundaries for your own sanity; then it’s perfectly ok to do so. 



Practicing yoga gets you out of your mind and into your body.  Right now, my practice is a fairly strong Vinyasa practice.  I feel like the heat of the practice burns away everything that is no longer needed and serving me.  I find that the more I can let go on a physical level, the more I can adapt this into my emotional life.  However, at times I might want a simple grounding practice. Whatever your practice; moving your body, is supportive and enables you to focus on being present and in the moment.  


 Peace Breath

Practice this as much as you can throughout the day.  It has the ability to calm the mind.  Inhale your breath for 4 counts; Hold for 4 counts.  Breath out for 4 counts and hold for 4 counts before repeating the process.  The ratio therefore is 4:4:4:4.  You can amend this ratio to suit your own breath.  



 Om Mani Padme Hum “within everybody a lotus blossoms”  My teacher advises me to practice this mantra with the peace breath.  It centers the mind.  For when you are not meditating, I found this useful rendition on-line incredibly uplifting to play in the background whilst working.



Light a white sage smudge stick and clear negative energies.  You might find that you need to do this more frequently  during this season.


P.S.  Don’t forget to choose to do something from your heart-list.  In this way, you get to stay calm, centered and grounded throughout the holiday period and hopefully you get to ‘just do you’.


Let me know in the comments your tips and techniques for staying centered.





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