How You Can Step Into The Void




I feel like I am on a precipice.  There’s a major transformation taking place and I am moving right into it.  I get to step into “The Void”  and feel around in a space of ‘not-knowing’.  Learning, listening and trusting my own guidance system.  And most importantly, finding a new way.

It started when I felt a shift internally (I wrote about that here).  

Shifts always take place internally first.

You have experienced “The Void” too.  It’s when a major change happens in your life and you are out of your comfort zone.  It can take place when there is a death in the family, you become newly single, change or lose a job or your last child leaves home.  The void is never far away from our lives.

In the world, there is so much fear.  The fear I have been feeling lately relates to money.  Will I be poor?  Will I be OK?  But for the most part, its fear of letting go of control.  Ego loves to be in control.  Make stuff happen.  Maybe you are like this too?

Now though, I am aware of a moving into a space of letting go of the need to be in control and instead embracing the feminine and learning to RECEIVE and TRUST.

Can you let go of control?  Can you deal with not knowing?  How do you let go of fear?


What happens when you just breathe?  Consciously.  Take an inhalation and an exhalation?  Take a pause.  What happens?  

For me, I am reminded that between the inhalation and the exhalation there’s a space.  And I’m reminded that ‘stuff’ happens in that special place. This tells me that the space is meant to be there.


How YOU can deal with ‘The Void’?  What’s my Method?

A) Embrace it

B) Breathe


I am so grateful for this space to understand more about myself.  I can exist, create, learn and most of all GROW.   

Yes, there is that duality of happiness and confusion, excitement and fear. But the more you and I can exist with ‘the void’ (because it’s always near-by); the less ‘stuck’ and more ‘in-flow’ you will be.

What do you notice in the space in-between?  Can you accept that there is such a place?  Are you willing to embrace it?  Please let me know your thoughts in the ccomments




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    Jacqueline Conroy


    Beautiful reminder Rosemarie where that magical space is and that it is so accessible
    ! I do love void surfing šŸ™‚


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      Thanks for your comments Jacqueline. I love how you call it “Void surfing” – great name! So important to not let FEAR stop us from approaching the Void; but instead to EMBRACE it. YES! Void surfing all the way!


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