Intuitive Hits & Achieving Goals in 2014



Look if you keep getting nudges in a particular direction DO IT ALREADY !  And get on ‘The Path’It’s the New Year – 2014.  Make this the year that you do the thing or things that you have always wanted to do.

Honestly, you just don’t know where it might lead. 

The thing with intuition – you don’t get the whole story.  You just get little pushes or nudges in a particular direction “do this” or “do that”.  What you won’t get is the whole story i.e. if you do this you will attain XXX and then everything is going to be ok.  No, you get given one maybe two steps then it is up to you to actually take those steps.


For example for years and years I have been interested in pursuing Reiki further, but for some reason I never did.  Recently, however, my guidance has been pointing me in that direction again.

Of course as soon as you start to recognise where your guidance is leading you and you start to take steps towards ‘it’ then the Universe rushes towards you and takes care of the rest.  Often in the most beautiful ways.

One moment I wrote Reiki on my list of things to do in 2014 and the next thing know, I have re-met my Reiki teacher from several years ago; I then get notification of her next training course and straight away I have signed up for it.  Not only that, we had such an inspiring and positive chat in my local coffee shop, speaking of spirituality, abundance, the universe – and all that GREAT stuff that I know I’ve met a wonderful friend whom I can connect with (another thing on my list – meeting likeminded peeps) and miraculously, she has introduced me to a group of great peeps – who happen to be just the tribe I have been looking for.

Also, amazingly, the first thing she said to me was working with Reiki will open you up to your intuition in a more profound and deeper way…, now I know the reason I was being guided to Reiki all this time….

In addition, the meeting was fruitful in other ways, (that’s the bonus when listening to your guidance) leading me to two beautiful areas of interest which I intend to explore this year.   And yes, they were also written down on my list for 2014! 

 Here are a few tips to achieving goals in 2014

Rather than thinking about goals in a linear way, think of them in an intuitive way.  Go for the thing or things that has been a theme for you or has been constantly on your mind.

Write it down

If you haven’t already written down your goals or resolutions for 2014.  Do so now.  Write them down.  There is power in it.  Simple as.  But don’t just write them down.  Take action.  You can either just write 3 or 4 things on your list of goals or you can write down as much stuff as you can think of.  Wherever you are at is just fine.  

Say it out load

Speak it out – start by saying it out loud to yourself.  You can also tell your partner, mother, trusted friend.  There is power in this also.  Just saying it out loud to yourself is fine though.

Make it your intention

By doing the above your already intending for IT to happen and take place.  Intend it on a regular basis. Put it in your calendar every week or month as a reminder.


Now put a date on it.  By when do you want to do this thing? 

Take an intuitive step in the direction of your goals in 2014 and who knows? you might just SOAR.

Please let me know how you get on with your 2014 goals in the comments.  Also let me know if you have had experiences with your intuition and Reiki – would LOVE to hear from you.



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