Grounding & How to Get Grounded – Kiss – Keep It Simple Series #2

Copy of KISS - Self Nurture (2) (1)

Copy of KISS - Self Nurture (2) (2)


Your feeling anxious or you have lost your keys recently or have found yourself spacing out.   Or perhaps your feeling disconnected, emotional and out of sorts.  You might find that your making mistakes and everything just feels out of kilter.   

You are probably aware that for some reason you have become un-grounded. Don’t worry, this happens to all of us from time to time.  

Why is grounding so important?  Because when your not grounded it doesn’t feel good.  Your stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and down-right fed up!  You appear to be attracting negativity (and you know it)!  It’s also more difficult to connect to your intuition.

Sometimes you go off balance because of a change in your circumstances at home or at work.   It doesn’t have to be a big thing that throws you off balance it could be something small that just tips you over the edge.

When you become unbalanced in this way, it is important to recognize the signs so that you can bring yourself back into harmony.  The stresses might still be there; but you have the strength and tools to handle it better.

Being grounded is all to do with our root chakra which is associated with our survival and basic needs such as food and shelter.  So we need for our foundation to feel secure so that we can remain in balance.

So how can I get grounded? I hear you ask:  


When it comes to grounding try these 3 simple tools:

1.Instant Grounding 

Breathe : Place both feet on the ground about hip width apart.  Close your eyes.  Feel your connection to the Earth and take some deep inhalations/exhalations through your nose.  You can do this anywhere and anytime that you need to get instant ‘groundification’!  I usually try to take between 3 and 10 deep, slow breaths.   Simple but effective.    

I have so many other breathing & meditation exercises I could give you –  including ones that can alleviate profound stress. 

Being in Nature : Walking; even if it is a quick walk in your garden helps clear negativity and get you grounded.  If you are working within the energy field as a healer or coach, a quick walk between clients is good way to clear energy.  If you are in the City, go for a walk at lunch time, perhaps there is a local park or a spot of greenery somewhere.

Crystals : – good grounding crystals are : red jasper, black obsidian, clear quartz, citrine, tigers-eye and garnet among others…..try and slip one of these babies in your handbag so that there always on hand for a “quick feel” whenever you need them for extra grounding strength. 

Red:  The colour of the root chakra which is all to do with grounding and our foundation and survival.  Throw a red cardigan on or wear red underwear or paint your nails red.  This one is strangely simple – but I have found seriously effective.

2.  When you have more time

Epsom Salt Bath : Epson salt baths with lavender can clear your aura and wash off negativity at the end of a long day.  Bringing you back to yourself.

Being in your body : Movement, Yoga, Pilates, Dancing – anything where you can move your body and gain the connection of your body and mind.  More in my next ‘KISS – Keep it Simple Series’ #3 post – it’s all about grounding yoga poses – stay tuned!

3. Meditation

Sitting in stillness for 5-10 minutes daily.  Longer is better when you can. You can listen to guided meditations or just sit in stillness and pay attention to  your breath.  Whenever your mind wonders bring your attention back to your breath.  

Grounding Cord :  After spending time on my breath, I visualize that I am putting down an anchor through the floor, deep into the ground from my root chakra, down through my legs and feet and then through the floor into the center of the earth.  This ‘grounding cord’ visualisation works wonders for me.  I literally feel a sense of rootedness to the earth which feels un-shakeable.

Call your energy back:  This is a good exercise to practice – Try not leaving your energy everywhere.  We do this all the time whilst talking to people, perhaps complaining about your boss or unfair work conditions – call your energy back into you.  Imagine a golden sun above your head  – draw the energy down.  Down all the way through to your grounding cord.  Feel the connection to the earth and feel the energy from your golden sun pouring into you and moving through you into the Earths core.    

How about you?  What are your favorite ways to ground yourself and your energy?  Please let me know in the comments below:




This is the 2nd of a 5-part ‘Keep It Simple Series’;  Where I write about topics that uplift, inspire and support you in your ‘inner-game ‘.  Always keeping it simple and to 3 succinct points.  You can read the first post in the series about self-care and self-nurturing here.

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    this is really interested series well done Rose its very inspiring its cool


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      Thanks Icylin -So glad that you enjoyed this topic of Grounding yourself. It’s such an important thing to do – especially if you are an empath or highly sensitive person.


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