Letting Go + Saying No to Resistance




When I let go of something fairly major in my life recently, it was because of a new found respect and love I’ve found. For myself.  


I had to take a stand, find my back-bone, and speak up.   Not easy if your highly sensitive and a bit of an introvert, like me.  I’ve always found it difficult to speak up for myself.  I had to let go of a situation which just wasn’t working for me.  

To many, in the outside world, my decision didn’t make sense.  Guidance doesn’t often “make sense” in the traditional way.  You  have to take the first step on the ladder and then be open to what is possible.  

Be prepared to say “no” to resistance once you are ready to ‘let go’.

Ask yourself:  Am I closing myself off from something wonderful because I’m refusing to let go of my resistance to change?

It’s resistance when you know in your heart of hearts what you need to do but you find yourself holding on “for the money” or “lifestyle” or “for the piece of paper” or whatever it is.  

Once again, fear gets in the way of love!  

And there will be fear and its honestly quite understandable.

Could you be prepared to say  “yes” though?  Can you say “yes” to something else? Try saying “yes” to FLOW, “yes” to the Universe.  And start saying “yes” to begin to allow yourself to follow your DREAMS!


What are you putting up with that no longer serves you?  How are you with resistance?  And what are your thoughts or tips for dealing with it?  What are you thinking about saying YES to?  Share with me below in the comments!


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