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Manifestation is like Magic!  Both really do exist! 

 The truth is : You are a powerful source of manifestation.

 The question with manifestation is : How good can you stand it? 


  • Can you truly get to the point where you can manifest everything you want?
  • Do you think to manifest only so much – and then that’s it? 
  • Is there a limit on what you can manifest?


I think we often limit ourselves when we manifest.  We either don’t believe it’s going to happen, so we don’t ask.  Or we hardly believe it – so we don’t really expect it to happen.  Then when it manifestation does take place – it’s a surprise! 

We know how awesome it is when stuff magically happens.  We’ve felt the magic before – yet we still place limits on what we ask for.  Why? 

If small wishes can come true, then why wouldn’t the Universe give you the bigger things you desire?  The Universe doesn’t discriminate that way I figure. 


Why not write down some of your bigger manifestation dreams AND actually put energy into attaining them?


5 Tips to Manifest Like Magic


  1. Write it down.  Really.  Write it down now.  Even if it’s on a tiny slip of paper.  (I would rather you didn’t write on a tiny bit of paper ) but nevertheless –
  2. Put energy into it.  Spend time every day connecting with the energy and the feeling space of your desire. 
  3. Positive affirmations are fabulous! (check out my Limiting Belief Buster below)
  4. Remember: You get what you think about whether you want it or not.  So if you want a brilliant job; but you are coming from a space of I hate my current job – watch out!  Instead focus on how you want it to be and how you want to feel in your new role.
  5. Visualise, visualise, visualise.  Take a few moments during each day visualising yourself in the position of your desire.  What do you see? how does it feel?  What are the sounds, smells, colours?


I like to add the proviso : If after all the above, one doesn’t get the desired outcome; the Universe is only giving you that which is for your highest good.

I feel it’s also important to say that if you are in a situation now that you are not happy with that you don’t’ start worrying that you somehow got your manifesting knickers in a twist!  That’s not a terribly helpful way to think.  Don’t beat yourself up or be down on yourself about it.  There is always a bigger picture.  It could be that the Universe is pointing you in another direction.  And there’s usually a lesson to be learned or an opportunity to grow in the situation. 

When you get your desire – don’t forget to thank God; The Universe, the Angels, Higher Power.

You may well express surprise and delight that this stuff really works (It does).  And it really is like magic the way that it does.

 Great books on manifestation are:

  • The Law of Attraction & Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jeremy Hicks
  • Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain.

Share with me in the comments what stuff you have manifested lately?


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    I’ve manifested guest blogging, bloghop and publication opportunities after I put a call out for collaborators. Funnily enough, some people were intending to ask me before I put the call out! Every month I write a list of what I want to manifest, sometimes I do a little candle or sage burning ritual. Every week I set some positive affirmations – I focus on my core desired feelings and then I allow my intuition to guide me and the words just get on the page. I also select an oracle card to guide my energy too : ) Lovely post, Rosemarie. I’m really getting into manifesting my desires this year!


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      I love the opportunities that you have manifested and organising yourself monthly is a fabulous way to align yourself with your goals. Love the way you focus on your core desired feelings (or values) before you begin – and then work from your intuitive self as a guide. Great stuff!


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