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Miracles can and DO happen.

A miracle is an unexpected occurrence that brings you far more than you expected. 

I remember when I needed an exact amount of money some years ago.  I was really ‘broke’ and overdrawn and I kept thinking about this money every single day.  This was a few years ago.  The amount was £500.00.  Not so much to be overdrawn by these days – but at the time this really, really bothered me.  I wanted to manifest this overdrawn amount so that I could re-pay my overdraft.  I meditated daily, I journalled and I did creative visualisation.  

Now, I know this sounds really simple, but one morning, upon waking, a thought popped into my head that I had an old Abbey National savings account which I had forgotten about.  It was weird as I had been concentrating really hard on how I could solve this situation.  And the account just hadn’t entered my mind before this moment.  I felt all tingly over my body as I realised something important was happening.  Do you ever get that when your intuition kicks in?  

As soon as I could, I contacted the Bank and checked my account.  Guess what?  I had EXACTLY £500.00 in the account.  Exactly the amount I had been worrying over all that time!  Now, I know it’s not a lot of money these days – but the principle is the same.  To me, this was a miracle – and one I have never forgotten. 

Can you think of a time when you were worried about money or something one day – and then the next day you received money or a gift from an unexpected source?

How did this make you feel? Can you hold onto this feeling and KNOW that this can happen again for you?

Are you looking for a miracle right now?

Are you open to receiving it?

Is there some love you need to give to someone?  Or is there somewhere where you need to open your heart?  Is there a little de-cluttering that you need to do in mind and body and/or home?  Or is there someone that you need to forgive?  Maybe you need to forgive yourself and not be so hard on yourself.

It’s all these little practices that we do that brings us into a lighter place and that leads us into the miracles of manifesting what we want.

Lets face it.  The very fact that you were born is a miracle.  Yes you are a miracle!

Share with me in the comments below your little (or big) miracles!


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    This post is spot on– Thoughts Become Things!


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      Amazing! Thanks for your comments! Glad you enjoyed the post Angela!


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