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I am seriously excited about the New Moon phase for February 2016!  In the UK this falls February 8th 2016 at 1440 in the sign of Aquarius.  


Do you feel like you need a fresh start?  Well February’s New Moon is a time to re-focus on your goals and set intentions in a more wholistic and brighter way where we envision the bigger picture.  


For those of you (like me) who may feel that there just wasn’t enough time in January to set intentions and connect with goal setting.  Well this New Moon in February is the ideal place to start.


New Moon

The New Moon has a powerful energy which you can use to set your intentions for your dreams, desires and goals.  Use her energy to support you.  The dark side of the moon is mysterious and just like how ideas, seedlings and a baby grows and gestates in the dark, so to do your ideas, dreams and goals before they come forth into manifestation.

It’s a time when we can re-connect, re-fresh and re-establish our goals and dreams.


New Moon Ritual

It’s good to set aside some time each new moon phase to focus on your intentions and goals.  

Remember, by working with this energy your wishes have more wings – and you might fly!  

The energy is powerful, what you say you want you might just get.  So be careful what you wish for as the saying goes!  Be intentional about it.  


  • Find a quiet space.

  • Light a candle or some inscence or burn some white sage to clear the space of any negative energy.  You can also use a feather or ring a bell to clear energy.

  • It’s good to start by taking a few breaths to center yourself and your energy.

  • Play some beautiful music

  • Writing your goals down always has more power.  Suggest you get a journal to keep note of your desires.  

  • List all  your desires, they could be bigger things or small.  It’s great when we manifest the smaller things too.  Don’t forget to show appreciation when you receive the smaller things as well as the bigger things.  When we receive from the Universe it’s always good to show appreciation so that the Universe knows you have the capacity to receive more.

  • Don’t worry if you have a lot of goals or just one or two.  All is fine and perfect.  

  • Speaking your goals out loud adds fuel.  Let your words be a catalyst to bring your desires from un-conscious to consciousnes.

  • Know that your desires WILL be manifested.  Get into the feeling place of having received your goal in advance of actually receiving it.


Each New Moon revisit your goals in your journal.  Cross off what you have achieved.  Re-write your goals that you have left on a new sheet of paper.  Refine your list too because your dreams and goals change as you do.


When it’s time for the Full Moon, then that is a cycle for manifestation.  This is when you can add ‘meat to the bones’ of your ideas and dreams.


What can you do right now to prepare for the upcoming moon phase to set or re-connect with your goals and dreams.  Set aside time and prepare using the ritual outlined above.


It’s a cycle – so you have time to perfect and refine for next time.


If you are coming to the New Moon Intention Setting Vinyasa Flow Yoga Workshop with me we will work through this together and I will prepare a container for our sacred space. 


Share with me in the comments below what YOU do as a New Moon ritual.  What do you do to prepare for achieving and manifesting your goals?


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