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Support is key in achieving our goals and dreams. 

This is why having likeminded peeps around you is so important.  Whether they be family, friends, a coach or mentor.  The thing to bear in mind is that it is not always that our best support comes from those closest to us.


Where do you get your support from in terms of your big goals or dreams?  It’s worth identifying who gives you the support you need.  If you haven’t got a support network for your dream, then take steps to change this.


Look around you.  Who can you go to when you want to share your big dreams?  Take a few moments to think about this.  If you haven’t got a family member or trusty friend who can really back you, hire yourself a coach or connect with a group or network. 


I remember years ago my coach at the time saying to me “you give lots of support to your family and friends.  Now tell me, who do you go to for support?”  Well,  there was the biggest silence ever!  I simply hadn’t noticed that I didn’t have anyone like this in my life at that time – and I literally couldn’t answer!

For me, having a coach work with me 1:1 has been an essential component in bringing my big dreams to life whilst also enabling me to achieve my goals.  It also means I get to feel really supported along the way.  


Even if you are already working with a coach; attending a group or circle is an additional powerful way in which you can gain excellent support for your goals.  The group or circle hold the space for you to not only share your goals but also to give voice to them.  Once you can give voice to your goals in a safe environment then the universe will conspire to bring to you what it is that you wish to manifest.  This is where the Law of Attraction comes into its own.  There is power in being able to state out loud to a group of people your “I am” statement (powerful statement attached to positive affirmations) for example “I am changing the lives of thousands of people in a profound and positive way.”


So wherever you are with your big dreams – remember – support is key in enabling you to achieve them.

Please let me know in the comments how you get supported.




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    I really like that you talked about the different kinds of support and how they are each important in their own way! All the best, Christine (


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    Thanks Christine – glad this resonated with you!


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