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Inspired Abundance



I have been thinking about inspiration.


What do you do to feel inspired?


Inspirational, real life stories are so helpful and really make me feel abundant.  How about you?


Where do you look for inspiration?  What inspires YOU?  


Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in a cafe in a really cool area in London, UK – a place called Shoreditch.  (where a cappuccino costs £3 (approx $6!)  So anyways, all the Apple Macs are out – you know the place!  (Ok, yeah, I had mine out too!)


Originally the internet wasn’t working so I asked the guy behind my table.  He was an ok guy – but he seemed a bit miserable.  And he told me it doesn’t work.  So I went up and spoke to the friendly server who gave me a different password/login.  I tried it and it worked so I went and told the guy that had been sitting behind me – (him with the glum face) and that made him really happy, cos by the looks of it he was sitting there for hours unable to use his Mac.  


Then I changed to a more shady spot and the guy next door to me is an Italian actor practicing his lines and he ask if I mind that he is talking to himself all the time?  I laugh and say “no, I talk to myself all the time – you go ahead!”  ha ha.  This is what I love about London!  Meeting lots of people; just vining and chatting.


Get inspiration by going to the movies, watching a play, checking out a museum or listening to music.


P.S.  When your vibe is lifted – you feel more abundant and happy!


What makes YOU inspired and happy and abundant?  Share with me in the comments below.



Can you feel the first burst of Spring?

first burst of spring 
For us in the Northern Hemisphere – I know it’s cold – but can you feel the first burst of Spring? I can.
Have you noticed that the evenings are getting lighter? When I left work on Monday evening – I was really surprised to see that it was light outside. I’ve got daff’s pushing through in my garden and once again notice little buds and flowers bursting through.
I love Spring, it put’s a smile on my face and brings me joy. Makes me feel abundant and happy.  Good feelings are great because when you FEEL good the Universe sends you MORE goodness.
The world around us is stirring and awakening from the sleepy, wateriness of winter. And we transition to an energy of awakening, growth and warmth.
We shake off the Kaptha (slowness and sluggishness) and move into a pitta (heat).  It’s a time when people often get colds.  So with yoga our practice becomes more vigorous and we create more heat.  But not too much over exertion.  Lots of forward bends and some twists.  Kryias that move congestion from our respiratory system will be taught directly in class.
Ahh I love spring!  The new life, the energy of the Universe, the awakening.  It’s my birthday month too.  Happy memories.  Love it!

What about you? What do you love about Spring? How can do you use Spring energy in your life?  Do you change the way you eat? How about your spiritual practice?  

Share with me in the comments.


A Perfect Day


A Perfect Day

I was inspired to write this post after reading Reba Linker’s book called Imagine Self-Love.  It’s a great book and really gets you thinking.  The journal prompts are pretty deep and truly hit the spot.  In the book she talks about taking a mini vacation on the path to self-love when this is what is needed.


Reba writes “Today reconnect with happiness, joy, ease, pleasure, relaxation, and these delicious holiday feelings, even in the midst of your busy life.


Saturday was just a lovely, perfect day.  The sun has been shining, the sky was blue, the air was crisp. And if you stood in the right place, or put your face at a certain angle – the sun was actually warm on your face – like really warm.  Considering this is January in the UK, really warm is good.  Trust me!


While I was waiting in my car between teaching yoga classes; I looked up and just caught this tree and the branches. And I admired how the sun caught the trunk of the tree. And once again, I marvelled at the abundance of the Universe!  Look at all the branches! 


Something clicked.  You can have a ‘Perfect Day’ in but a moment.  It’s those moments that you can build and make everything just be ok.



Having the sun on my face for me is just lovely.  It always makes me feel happy and content. And somehow, I feel like it’s a message from the Universe that everything is going to be alright.  What makes you happy?  Best of all, what makes you happy that is free and simple.  You don’t have to pay anything to love yourself.



And it’s one of the things on my heart-list. You can read about my heart-list here.   Basically, having a heart-list is having a list of 20 things that you love to do and trying to squeeze those things into your day to day life as much as possible. Read the blog and make sure that you have your own HEART LIST written down somewhere. And make sure you do them things as often as you can.



It’s a form of self-love.  Loving yourself.  Treating yourself to a small bunch of flowers.  Spending a few moments taking in the sun, breathing deeply, feeling grateful in your heart before marching on.  Reba encourages us to take a staycation, enjoy a relaxing bath or if we do go out to carry as little as possible and have not agenda but instead to follow the flow.  I like this and I try to do this every so often (although not often enough).  So that Saturday was my little version of a staycation.  

Reba asks us to journal on how we feel at the end of the day after we have gifted ourselves this space and time.  And you know what? the vibe of that second yoga class and the energy was amazing!


How do YOU feel about self-love? 


Reba Linker’s Imagine Self-Love is available for purchase at

You can download a free chapter of Imagine Self-Love at:

Reba’s new self-paced ecourse, “9 Self-Love Keys to Change Your Life,” is at the Daily OM on a pay what you wish basis! Jump in here:



Reasons Not To Feel Sad



Reasons not to feel sad

I had been talking to some coaching clients where were going through lots of stuff when I wrote this.  And I think I was going through stuff too!  That’s why I love yoga.  Feels so good to breath and let STUFF go!

I want to give you some reasons not to feel sad.  How do YOU feel during these Winter months? Over here in the UK it can be dark and cold. I keep hearing clients talking about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder – sometimes called Winter Depression).  

There maybe other reasons why you feel sad.  Do you know why you are feeling the way that you do?  

How can you dig deep and find the joy inside?  How can you find your own ray of hope?  How do you bring forth your own happiness and joy despite the challenges? or the dark winter months?

I wrote this post some months back ‘Happy + my 7 Tips to get Happy Quick‘ and I thought it might be a good time to share it with you.

Remember YOU are responsible for your own happiness.  You get to choose.  Find the Light inside that is relevant to you.

Want more positivity & reasons not to feel sad?

Buy a Lumie clock which wakes you up slowly, with a light growing slowly brighter imitating sunrise.

Check out my Happy post here



I don’t know if you follow Kelly Rosano – she is a wonderful Astrologist.  In the below video link she speaks about the coming Leo Full Moon on February 3rdn2015 and how there is a wonderful, celebratory, positive energy coming in for us all.  I’m sure that it will be a welcome shift for us.

Check out her video here.

This week, I invite you to be the light.   And remember:  


Happy + 7 Tips To Get Happy Quick!



See my Happy + 7 Tips to get happy Quick!  Who hasn’t fallen in love with the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams?  The song and dance moves are popular all around the world!

My husband bought the song to my attention a few months back and I loved it; immediately sensing the spiritual sentiment of the song.  Have you noticed there are quite a few pop songs with positive messages lately?  I sense a spiritual revolution coming on!



Happiness is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as ‘feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.’


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”.  Mahatma Ghandhi.


Being happy though is a feeling that is on the inside.   Looking for happiness externally is illusion as it usually involves controlling another person or situation.  We look for more money, that special someone, to lose weight or get that fabulous job.  And believe that these things will bring about happiness.  But they cannot bring about long-term happiness according to spiritual law.  Because that kind of control is ego based.

Finding happiness within is a case of tuning into your own happiness vibration.   Look within to a place inside to FEEL happy.  And cultivate your thoughts, your behaviors and your intentional practices.

Remember, we are all made up of energy.  Vibrating atoms consisting of protons, neurons and electrons.  Why is it you can be happy one moment and then sad the next?  Sometimes its because you are picking up on another’s vibrations.  Although, it could be your vibe too so always check-in. 

Another craze is ‘100 Happy Days’ where individuals find something that brings them small doses of ‘Happy’ for 100 days in a row and post a daily picture on social media with the #100HappyDays. I guess the intention is to bring awareness to and raise and spread the happy vibe. 

The thing is when you tune up and raise your vibration you get to pass on ‘the happy’ to someone else.  In this way you can change the World and start a Happy Revolution.

What makes you happy?  Let me know in the comments.  See my 7 tips to Get Happy Quick!


7 Tips to Get Happy Quick


  1. Take 5 minutes of stillness.  Sit quietly.  Take some deep inhalations through the nose and exhale the air out of your open mouth; make the sound Ahh.  Do this a few times.  Tune-in to a calm place inside yourself.  Quieting the mind raises your vibrations and can bring about the feeling of happiness on the inside.  Feel into that space and cultivate those feelings of happiness for yourself.
  2. Be Present.  The past has gone and the future is not here yet.  Being aware that you are in present moment is a super important habit to develop.  You can tap your legs or ping an elastic band around your wrist every so often to remind yourself to be present.  Practice becoming aware when you are future tripping or in the past and then bring yourself back to now.
  3. Expect the Best.  Be open to the Universe supplying you tons of goodness every day. Expect the best from every situation.  Expect to find a parking space when you next need one.  Expect to have a great day or a fantastic outcome to a problem that has been foxing you.
  4. Music.  Listening to music can raise the vibration and increase feelings of happiness and well-being.  Create a happy playlist on your iphone/ipad.
  5. Dancing.  In homeopathy there is a remedy  called “Sepia”.  The remedy was oft indicated when a woman with certain symptoms “felt better upon going out dancing”.  The thing is, dancing is a way for your spirit inside to move your body.  Close your eyes so that your not self-conscious and move your body to some beautiful, uplifting music.  Allow YOUR SPIRIT inside to move YOU. 
  6. Ritual.  Having a ritual that you love can make you feel at ease and comfortable.  Which in turn brings you happiness.  For example, on weekends I love to listen to the radio and have it playing pretty much 24/7 in the background.  I find comfort in listening to the same radio shows each week.  It probably brings back childhood memories as mum always had the radio playing in the kitchen, listening to her talk shows.
  7. Heart-list.  Keep a list of your loves.  Write a list of 20 things you love to do.  Do them as much as you can.  I have written about a heart-list here. 


What about you?  What rituals do you love?  As you can see, these are all simple steps you can introduce right away.  And they don’t necessarily cost any money.

Now as Pharrell says;  “clap along if you feel like a room without a roof”! 

I would love for you to share what’s on your happy play-list below in the comments!


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