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Inspired Abundance



I have been thinking about inspiration.


What do you do to feel inspired?


Inspirational, real life stories are so helpful and really make me feel abundant.  How about you?


Where do you look for inspiration?  What inspires YOU?  


Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in a cafe in a really cool area in London, UK – a place called Shoreditch.  (where a cappuccino costs £3 (approx $6!)  So anyways, all the Apple Macs are out – you know the place!  (Ok, yeah, I had mine out too!)


Originally the internet wasn’t working so I asked the guy behind my table.  He was an ok guy – but he seemed a bit miserable.  And he told me it doesn’t work.  So I went up and spoke to the friendly server who gave me a different password/login.  I tried it and it worked so I went and told the guy that had been sitting behind me – (him with the glum face) and that made him really happy, cos by the looks of it he was sitting there for hours unable to use his Mac.  


Then I changed to a more shady spot and the guy next door to me is an Italian actor practicing his lines and he ask if I mind that he is talking to himself all the time?  I laugh and say “no, I talk to myself all the time – you go ahead!”  ha ha.  This is what I love about London!  Meeting lots of people; just vining and chatting.


Get inspiration by going to the movies, watching a play, checking out a museum or listening to music.


P.S.  When your vibe is lifted – you feel more abundant and happy!


What makes YOU inspired and happy and abundant?  Share with me in the comments below.