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Third Chakra – The Fire that ignites our Will into Action

In the third week of my Manifesting Abundance Inside Out E-Course/Programme, we look at the third chakra.  
Chakra 3, also called the Manipura Chakra is a 10 petalled lotus.  It’s element is Fire.  This chakra is often called the power chakra.  It is about courage, ego, our identity.  It is to do with our will and also to do with control.  This is where our power is. 
 The third Charkra vibrates to the colour yellow.  It is located at the solar plexus which is roughly located at the centre of our body.    Also located at our centre.  The centre of our bodies.  This is about our personal power. It’s interesting because our centre governs our legs as well as our upper bodies  So it’s our centre AND our power.
Real abundance is to be found where we place our attention to what brings us most joy.  What makes us happy and feel good.  
The centre is where we digest and metabolise our food.  If we could not do this we could not live.  
We started off talking about being grounded in the first chakra and when we moved up to the second chakra which looked at how we can have that spark of desire to give us the creativity and use that to know what feels good and we love.  And once we have that awakend we can move up to the third chakra energetically up the spine.
Without the fire we won’t do anything.  We might have beautiful intuitive insights and hits.  But without that fire – we won’t make that move.  We need the FIRE to actually go for it.  That’s where this chakra comes in.
The third chakra is a lot to do with our personal power.  Recently I found that I had given my power away.  When you have given your personal power away, what do you do about it?  It’s about boundaries. Are you respecting your boundaries? Are others respecting your boundaries?
Top tips for protecting your third chakra
1. Put your hands across your belly for protection
2. Imagine a golden sun radiating across your bell spreading warmth
3. If you feel intimidated by someone you can turn your self away slightly as well as cover your belly with your hands
4. Laughter – brings release and relief – this takes you out of the seriousness of life.
This is an important and auspicious Nadi centre.  
Honour it’s power and ensure that you protect and respect the fire within you.

How about you?  Share what ONE action you will take THIS WEEK to ignite your FIRE.  It could be anything from reaching out to your boss and suggesting having a chat or reaching out to a friend and suggesting you have a coffee so that you can get some support.  Whatever it is make a commitment to yourself to ignite YOUR FIRE and take some action in your life.


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