Carol Lee'I loved working with Rosemarie around creating more abundance in my work. She has very wise, soft energy and a ton of resources up her sleeve. This included a great 3 part booklet, that supported me and helped me focus between sessions. Our sessions together kick-started me into tackling some of my money blocks and two months later I have seen an increase in work coming my way and of course a change in my beliefs about receiving the financial abundance that comes with more work!’


Kirsten SinclairI was stuck with 'accepting' money and any good things which came to me and had played about with manifesting but wasn't really clear on how to go about it or what exactly I wanted.  I think the knowledge that I don't have to be in control of manifesting what I want was a huge breakthrough for me.  The new realisation that I just need to picture the essence of what I want and focus on that rather than worrying about all the ways I can make it happen was such a massive relief!




Fiona DoubledayEvery so often in my work I stumble across someone who makes complete sense to me. Rosemarie is the best possible example of that. For me her mind speaks to her body and her body speaks to her mind in perfect harmony. In my experience that is rare. Rosemarie is, I believe, a rare and very precious being and I am so glad I stumbled across her.

Manar AburishRosemarie is such a kind, gentle and beautiful soul. Her beautiful qualities not only put me at ease, but allowed me to be comfortable enough to honestly express my concerns/issues with her. In fact, I felt like we had known each other for years. Her natural, comforting qualities, coupled with her ability to address the route cause of issues and provide you with tools to address them quickly and successfully, makes her a truly one-of-a-kind coach. I highly recommend her and her services for those who are interested.

Dubai, UAE

Katherine CHuge thanks to Rosemarie St Louis for the Funk To Flow Coaching sessions! Had quite a few aha's and walked away with some great exercises. Wonderful mix of gentleness, intelligence, and sense of humor - thank you for such a great calls!

AmberI felt so much calmer after our Funk To Flow session, and like my goals wasn't impossible and somehow that I was totally capable for juggling all my desires if I wanted to. My anxiety levels dropped from meltdown to virtually non-existent.

Lisa HawkinsAfter chatting with Rosemarie, I came away with a sense of connectedness which is what I really needed. We really clicked. Thanks Rosemarie. Rosemarie is a very skilled and a talented lady. To which I would have no hesitation in recommending.’

RhavieBefore our coaching session, I was worried and having a difficult time receiving and understanding how that affects different aspects of my life.  Afterwards, I was able to process and sort through my concerns.  I understood that receiving is tied to giving.  Rosemarie is genuine and easy to talk to.  I found the experience grounding and I was able to sort my feelings out.  After our session, I walked away feeling positive and encouraged.  I loved the Angel Card pull.  I felt safe and validated with Rosemarie.

Alexia AnastasioRosemarie helped me to see that my fear was related to conforming to the traditional model when that is not how I have gotten to where I am.  I felt clearer and refreshed after the supportive call with you.  You helped me pin point where my fear was coming from so I could remedy that block and move past it. 

alexiaanastasio.com : Artist, Actress, Filmmaker & Dream Funding Coach.

Yossarian FayWorking with Rosemarie St Louis was fantastic!  Not only was she supportive, understanding and in tune with how I was each session she also provided me with opportunities to grow my business and myself.  Rosemarie helped me to reach beyond my comfort zone, try new things and learn about myself.  I would highly recommend Rosemarie to anyone wanting to create positive change in their lives - business and personal.

New Zealand

Heather BromleyAfter struggling for quite some time with a situation that was causing intermittent emotional and energetic immobility I am pleased to say that after just one coaching session with Rosemarie I was able to look at the whole picture in a new light. I found Rosemarie to be very professional and caring, she guided me expertly around the situation by asking deeply thought provoking questions.  I love her energy and enthusiasm for her work and would have no hesitation in recommending Rosemarie to my friends".

Naomi Goodlet"Rosemarie has a caring and gentle approach and is so easy to talk to! She also has a big heart and a strong intuition. Rosemarie helped me to uncover the deepest reason behind many of the issues I was facing whilst lovingly guiding me to trust my instincts and look within. My transformation has been incredible."

Rachel Hawes"Rosemarie works gently and with intuition to create a safe space in which you can share the parts of yourself you're not usually happy to share. And from this gentle intuitive process comes permission to allow yourself to be open for the great changes she puts in place. So happy to have found her!"

Filipa PiedadeWorking with Rosemarie was one of the best experiences I have ever had.  The opportunity came when I most needed and the results were better than I could ever expect.  After six sessions with Rosemarie, I have not only managed to make major decisions in my life but also discovered a whole new world about who I am and why my personality is the way it is. Through her lovely guidance, support, regular practical exercises, book suggestions and other, she held a private and intimate space for me where I could simply talk and let go all my feelings and emotions, fears and doubts.   She is an incredibly good listener, truly non-judgemental and deeply empathic. Rosemarie is definitely the best life coach I have ever come across, and I cannot recommend her enough!  If you decide to work with Rosemarie, you will definitely be in good hands.  I promise you will not regret it one single bit.  From my side, I could not be more grateful! :)

Clara JonesHaving spent most of last year taking my business through a new and very busy phase I wasn't aware of gradually drifting away from what I so fiercely advocated - self-nurture. It was during my 6 sessions with Rosemarie that I was able get back on track of practicing what I preach!  This turned out to be an unexpected bonus as all I originally needed from her coaching package was the space to untangle and plan ahead, and the accountability that goes with it.  Or so I thought.  With her intuitive listening and generosity of heart, Rosemarie helped me reconnect with what was truly close to my heart. She has also made me aware of how much my own creativity needed to be protected and nourished for my business to truly thrive.