The 2 Best Friends of Limiting Beliefs!



You may not have heard the term ‘limiting beliefs’ but your probably familiar with the concept.  Limiting Beliefs stop you from achieving dreams and goals and doing the things that you really want to do.  

What usually happens is an idea pop’s into your head (seemingly from nowhere) [that’s usually your intuition by the way] and for a moment the possibility for something wonderful comes into your existence.   For a split second, you get all starry-eyed, joyful and smiley.  You feel at peace and at One.  Somehow you know that this possibility is right for you, although you don’t necessarily understand why.  Then suddenly, a different thought takes place.  


Inner Critic – No.1 Best Friend

You have a voice inside you – your inner critic.  The inner critic is always there and it belongs with Ego.  It usually works negatively – and it throws out comments such as; “I’m too old” or “I can’t do that” or “I’m not good enough”.  You decide to listen to your inner critic and the limiting belief (that your too old, or being silly), or whatever, is formed.   

Being aware when a Limiting Belief pops up and naming it can take away some of its power. 

Go a step further and write the Limiting Belief down on paper.  This can bring awareness like you wouldn’t believe!   

I like to think that this method allows your left brain to really see the limiting belief for the falsity it is and the right brain to become creative in overcoming the challenge.  


Procrastination – No. 2 Best Friend

Once you become aware of your limiting beliefs, and start shooting down your inner critic.  You might want to take note of procrastination tendencies that will come up for you.   You know what you want to do and you decide you’re going to do it.  Then you find yourself saying “I will do it but next month” or “after Christmas” (or some other excuse).  When I notice that I am procrastinating, I first call it out and then I decide to take a small step to move me through it.  For example, I might send an email or ask a question on a forum so that I can move myself towards my goal rather than just remaining stuck.  

Its amazing how limiting beliefs, listening to our inner critic and procrastination can keep us stuck.  But awareness can bring us out of stuckness so that we can do something about it.  

 In developing the Limiting Belief Buster; I wanted to create a tool which would be useful.  It started off as a tool that my clients could utilise for homework; but I then decided to develop it further to include to become more holistic and include some self-reflection.  It allows you to first of all notice the limiting beliefs that you’re having.  Write them down on paper and look at them.  See them for the silly beliefs they quite often actually are.  Then one can start affirming the opposite of those beliefs and most importantly, do something about it.     

 By the way, in the Limiting Belief Buster Workbook you get to create your own personal affirmations – which I believe make them easier for you to remember.  

However, just saying affirmations isn’t enough.  Take action towards something you desire.   



This is the really empowering bit.  Which is why I included it in the Limiting Belief Buster.  This is also where working with a coach can be super powerful.  You feel obliged to take consistent action steps towards your goals whilst providing accountability to your coach.    



I remember when I was thinking about changing my job.  It was all up in my head…what should I do?  How was this all going to work out? etc.  However, once I got clear and worked through my Limiting Beliefs about it.  I felt empowered and understood that I could give myself permission to DO SOMETHING about my situation.   And I was able to clearly see what I had to do.   

Then when I got to the bit where I had to take a simple action step that very week towards my goal.   I realised I could simply update my CV!  Fancy obsessing about changing jobs for weeks, but something as small as updating my CV hadn’t been done!  Sometimes its that easy!  [And why should it be hard?]  Get clear on your beliefs, your goals and understand that you can take a tiny step and start moving in your life, towards a happier more joyful place.  (I got the very next role I applied for by the way)!    

Transformation can be about making small steady steps at one’s own pace.  It doesn’t always have to be huge.  Although it sometimes is really deep soul stuff – and I absolutely LOVE that too!  

The Limiting Beliefs Buster  Workbook enables you to get a taste of how I work.  And of course, if you want to dive in deeper with your transformation you can schedule a free discovery session with me to chat about your goals or what you would like to work on/get clarity on and we can and go from there.  


And kick these two ‘frenemies’ to the curb!   


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