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winding road

Once you get on this path – that’s exactly how it feels – like you’re on a path– you feel this joy bubbling up inside you as you think about the gorgeous deliciousness! winding road The slight urges in a particular direction.  Oh wonderful! I remember the complete confusion and overload of a year or so ago…there were so many things bouncing around in my head.  I didn’t know where to go, what to do.  I felt unhappy and like there was a cloud and a fog and I just couldn’t see through it.  Then I started to work with a Life Coach.  And I began to realise that we have to be happy NOW – as we are – not in some future that never comes.  I learned that we have to HOLD ourselves in a different ENERGY SPACE.  Think about the person I want to be and FEEL how I want to FEEL on a daily basis. Taking 5-10 minutes daily am and pm or even just at one end of the day to tune in and touch that place.  Feel that place.  Because the truth is we are already all that we aspire to.  If we weren’t we wouldn’t be able to connect to it in the first place.  Its INSIDE. I also began to understand that in order to manifest that which we want, we need to be able to do this from a place of love as opposed to from a place of fear.  Let me repeat that.  In order to manifest the new job, the relationship, money etc., we need to do this from a place of love.  Not from a place of fear.  When we are in fear it means there is something wrong with the job, the relationship etc, and we are not happy and we want to fix it.  To fix something means there must be something wrong with it – with the job or relationship etc., And that means we are focussing on that which is wrong – that which we don’t want.  The Law of Attraction says we get back that which we focus on.  So if we are trying to manifest from a place of “I don’t like this and that and I hate my job” etc., then what are we manifesting?  We manifest more of “I don’t like this and that and I hate this job”.  Makes sense right?  So if we feel cr*p– we get more cr*p back.  If we are feeling good – we get good.  On the other hand, when we manifest from a place of love – we are happy and complete.  We are in a state of acceptance.  We don’t necessarily have to be in a 100% great place but if we just have moments of contentment (as many moments as we can muster) which then lead to feelings which are positive and good and that can take us to an entirely new ENERGY SPACE. For me, I spent so much time attached to the old stories.  But then I started to put what I was learning into practice.  I started to remember to connect to the flow of the Universe and to TRUST.  I started to notice the little miracles.  I started to “get lucky”, I started to feel better – and better !  I started to ‘know’ things were going to happen before they happened. And then I sort of began to REMEMBER – things were always like this when I was growing up…. I started to realise that I couldn’t control outcomes or manipulate the present.  But that was OK.  And no matter how hard I might push and push and try to make sh*t happen – it just doesn’t.  In fact one gets more and more stress and anxiety that way.  And wound-upness. But actually instead, to turn to your Inner Guidance and allow it – your intuition, to lead you in the direction it wants you to go and allowing each step by beautiful step to fall into place.  You will find that magic really does exists – literally.   Now that’s what I’m talking about !

Love /R xx

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