There is no Angry Way to Say Bubbles!

“She turned to the sunlight    And shook-2


There really is no angry way to say bubbles – try it!  

Laughter is so important in life.  Especially when going through rough times.  It’s great to be able to just throw back your head and laugh out loud!  Have you noticed that?  Have you ever been able to find a way to smile through tears for example?  I have.  

Or have you ever been on a crowded tube train – and something catches your amusement and your eyes meet with a fellow passenger and you both smile or even better, laugh?  That feeling of connection can keep you going in feel good land for ages!  That’s probably why situation comedies go down so well – it’s the human factor.

Laughter can be so healing to the soul.  Soothing the rough edges of life and bringing a feeling of refreshment to sore wounds.


Benefits of laughing

Reduces heart disease
Natural pain killer
Improves breathing
Helps you lose weight
Gives good sleep
Decreases stress
Makes you look young
Source : ebjchechecastro


So accordingly, laughter really is the best doctor!  Plus, you know when you have a really good belly laugh?  And you say that you laugh so much that it hurts?  That is really good – because that is when endorphins are released into the body (natural pain and stress relievers).  So, go ahead and LOL as much as you like!

I love that little quote –


Next time you feel some anger coming on – practicing saying this  quote to yourself quietly and see what happens.  

How about you?  What are ways that you use to bring on laughter and get your smile on?   Let me know in the comments below.

\Much love & laughter  xx









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