What’s Stopping You From Living Your Dream Life?



My question to you is….Are you living your dream life?  are you making it count?  What is it you want to do with your life? What’s your hearts desire?  And what is stopping you from attaining it?

Are you living the life that you sometimes dream of or imagine?  What is your dream job?   Wanna work with animals? or work part-time?  or have more freedom in your life?

And what is the gap between where you are now to where you want to be?

I was set a challenge recently to post a pic on Social Media expressing my thoughts and feelings of where I am right now.  It was a little uncomfortable because it means showing my vulnerability.

For awhile I had no idea what to post – but then it was clear; I’ve had a semblance of freedom recently and I’ve also managed to manifest the EXACT opportunities that I have been dreaming of (more on that another time)!  



I’m not saying everything is perfect.  

But, I want to share with you that through a process of deep inner work; you can start to make life more attractive for YOU!  

Yes, you may feel that your on a roller coaster and you will feel fear when you step outside your comfort zone to try something new.  I certainly did.  This is normal.

However, can you be brave enough to take a step that gets you from where you are now to nearer to where you want to be?  How cool would that be?

Below is what I learned from my Teacher, Sonia Choquette: 

Bring Your Dreams Into Focus:

  • Focus on what you love and notice how you feel.  I call this a ‘heart-list
  • Next, notice what is in your life that is missing that you really wish was there

Then you can start to think about:

  • What it is you want to create instead

My two tips for you:

1. Write it down.  [only thinking about it in your head don’t work too good.]

2. Have fun!

AND REMEMBER: You have already created & manifested wonderful stuff in your life – experiences, children, your home, your partner a new clothes – whatever!  So, think about the things that you have already successfully manifested.  Write those down and realise that you are already successful and you can learn to be more specific in your manifestation as opposed to being ad-hoc – why not?


Want to take this further?  I work with women to take you through an individualized programme to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.  We go deeper – because I want this to work for you.  Your ready to take action – because you want this to work for you.

Wanna know more?  Click here and book a free call with me.  My gift to you.

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