Yoga Poses in Autumn


Have to say yoga has been absolutely dreamy these last few week! I’ve been working on bringing an internal fire into the practice to heat up the immune system for this time of year where there is change of weather. The Vata energy is so prevalent right now cold, dry, light and unsettled. Windy.    This is reflected in the physical body as well as in the mind.

The yoga poses in autumn that you can incorporate into your practice are listed below:

Asana Practice

Practice poses such as half-spinal twist, bow, bridge, seated forward bend, shoulder-stand, camel, warrior I, II and III and sun salutations.  These asanas all serve to bring that internal fire which helps to ward off colds and build immunity.


Also, at this time of the year eat warm foods, warm soups, warm teas of fresh ginger and avoid raw veggies and salads.  Apples are good to aid elimination.

I had a bit of an upset tummy last week which lasted a few day and at first I didn’t associate it with the change in season, that is until I had one cup of ginger tea which calmed it right down.  And I remembered the above information.



The yoga practice last week was particularly warming and fire-y.  You might find that you feel dreamy and spaced out after practice.  And with the super moon and moon energy of this week just gone, the practice for this week has been way more famine and yin-based.  You may feel emotional as well as dreamy.   This is fine and all is good.  Take good care, rest and drink plenty of water.






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